LE COQ SPORTIF - A New Day is Begining.

Our Missions for LE COQ SPORTIF

Weibo Account E-Commerce TMall Community Management Event Organization

The Brand & Campaign Context

Le Coq Sportif is a French producer of athletic shoes, activewear, and sporting accessories. Founded in 1882 by Émile Camuset and located in Entzheim, France, the company first issued items branded with its now-famous rooster trademark in 1948. The company's name and trademark are derived from the Gallic rooster, a national symbol of France. The company is a subsidiary of Airesis SA based in Switzerland. The company has sponsorship deals with several football clubs, most notably European clubs Saint-Étienne and Fiorentina. In 2012, Le Coq Sportif returned to professional cycling and manufactured the jerseys for the Tour de France under a new five-year contract with Amaury Sport Organisation. Le Coq Sportif started supplying the Tour de France in 1951. GMA's missions for the brand were e-commerce consulting on Chinese platform TMall, consulting for the “French Touch” event organization, community management for the year 2013 for the "Tour de France" Event on Chinese social media Weibo in order to reach the biking community.


  • Increase of brand awareness
  • Increase of the e-reputation in China
  • Organization of “Tour de France” event on Weibo
  • Organization of the “French Touch” event
  • Increase of visitors on TMall page