MICHE BLOOMIN' - Natural Eyelashes With a Sense of Transparency.

Our Missions for MICHE BLOOMIN’

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The Brand & Campaign Context

Miche Bloomin’ is a Japanese brand that specializes in false eyelashes that look natural: they create the illusion and accentuate the shape of the eyes. The brand's semi-sheer false lashes range from light brown to black, from a natural look to a volume accentuating style, for a variety of looks. Loaf Bloomin 'newly introduced! The hard stems can easily become double eyelid makeup! The black stems may be used and the eyeliner which omits the step to draw eyeliner! The exclusive production method does not make the eyes uncomfortable, even if the stems are hard! Miche Bloomin is a brand of natural eyelashes with a sense of transparency. This Japanese Brand wants to develop their activity in China, and with the help of their agent, we develop a cross-border channel. What makes this Japanese brand so special is that their products are just like natural eyelashes blending on the customers' eyes. They are as soft as feathers.


  • Large number of KOL
  • Develop Sales on Little Red Book
  • Positive Reputation