NEIMASITAWI Luxury Boutique Fashion - Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication.

Our Missions for NEIMASITAWI

Booklet Creation Branding Press Relations

The Brand & Campaign Context

NEIMASITAWI is a luxury lifestyle brand out of Bologna, Italy with designs exclusively created by American-born fashion designer, Neima Sitawi. Each piece is sewn in Italy under strict supervision and with the majority of the fabrics sourced from Europe. For NEIMASITAWI, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Every piece is designed for women who aspire to have the utmost sense of quality and style. The brand evokes simplicity, style, sophistication, and sensuality. Versatility and variation are paramount to each design, resulting in classic, feminine lines. It is our goal to ensure that each woman is given a canvas upon which they can unleash their personal style philosophy. The brand needed help with its branding strategy and its press relations by creating a booklet showing the unique collection of the brand.


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