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NORTHACRE LONDON - Leading The Way in Experiential Living.

The Brand & Campaign Context

Northacre London is an English luxury company that creates contemporary luxury homes and provides exceptional living experiences. They have passionate attention to the minutiae of detail and a unique approach to craftsmanship, heritage, and innovation. They combine traditional techniques and new ways of thinking to create homes that offer exceptional living experiences. There is a Northacre address to suit every lifestyle. They based their storytelling on the fact that their clients can be a part of history in heritage restoration, thoughtfully designed for modern life, waking up to London’s skyline in a contemporary apartment of exquisite interiors set in a vibrant new quarter. GMA worked closely with Northacre London on its "Broadway Development" flagship, London’s most prestigious Westminster address on the former Scotland Yard site. GMA has developed a comprehensive WeChat & KOL campaign to market this specific project for ultra-wealthy mainland Chinese consumers. The key is high quality, localized content, and the communication of content into targeted database groups.


  • Optimised content sharing strategy
  • + 600% Engagement
  • Increase leads by 50%
  • Event-based & property portfolio marketing
  • KOL communications & database-based content

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