SELECTSPECS - Life-Long Glasses.

Our Missions for SELECTSPECS

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The Brand & Campaign Context

Life-long glasses wearer David McMillan had the original idea to sell prescription glasses online back in 2004. Looking at the monopoly of optical chains he believed the choice was too limited and grossly over-priced. David, a serial entrepreneur having already established a successful online diamond and jewelry business since 1998. Call it a family-business if you will, but David’s business acumen, Tony’s essential optical knowledge and Jason’s web and computer expertise was the ideal combination to create; a website that would go on to sell the largest range of designer eye brands and in-house frames online, including the ‘World’s Cheapest Glasses’ at just £6 (complete with prescription lenses and lens treatments)! Putting the choice in the customer's hands and cutting out all unnecessary costs pride themselves in being the modern optical store. They have a Chinese website: Our agency helped by increasing the brand's SEO on Baidu, managing its e-reputation through social commerce through Weibo and WeChat and KOLs engagement campaigns.


  • +3600 visitors per months (with 0.5% conversion rate)
  • + 3000 new followers on Weibo (with 30% purchase rate)
  • +1800 new followers on WeChat (with 13% purchase rate)