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PERFUMES VERSAILLES - The Official Perfume Brand of Versailles.


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The Brand & Campaign Context

Perfumes have reached intoxicating levels throughout the world for centuries... At the time of Royal Perfumers and with the far-reaching influence of Versailles, the use of luxurious perfumes for the sheer pleasure of applying a beautifully scented product from an elegant bottle became “de rigueur” and widespread across multiple fragrant accessories (bags, fans, handkerchiefs, clothes, wigs, and scented gloves). Perfumes became a way to show off one’s social rank and to shape around the wearer a veritable halo that prolonged and glorified him or her. In the 17th century, King Louis XIV, known as the "Doux Fleurant“ (“Sweet Smelling”) enjoyed seeing his perfumer, Mr. Martial, preparing his perfumes. He developed the "Orange Flower Water" using oranges bigarades, picked from orange trees growing in the Château de Versailles’s gardens, at the Orangerie of the King. The gardens of Château de Versailles were then transformed into a magnificent natural theatre where the colorful crowds used to dance minuets and ballets under the sumptuous light of fireworks and the freshness of scented fountains. GMA helped the brand with its Press Relations regarding the launch of the brand in China and its social media management on Weibo, including community management and buzz.


  • CCFC official license to develop the brand
  • Social media buzz about “Princess of Versailles
  • Increase of Weibo followers
  • Increase of brand awareness in China
  • Increase of e-reputation in China