Case Study: VITAWEI

VITAWEI - Exclusive Design of Graceful Cutting.

Our Missions for VITAWEI

Press Relations Weibo Account Creation & Management WeChat Account Creation & Management E-Reputation

The Brand & Campaign Context

Vita WEI is a Chinese, high-end, ready-to-wear clothing design brand. They mainly focus on quality leisure and everyday wear. “Vita” is a Spanish female name referring to "lifting the sky" and the Chinese term "Wei" means; “a vital force” or “life”. They believe leisurely wear is not just an aesthetic but a promotion of a new lifestyle. From the style of clothing, they understand and connect with an individual's life. The Designer and founder of the brand, Hua WEI, has earned the Chinese top 10 young clothes fashion designer award twice. Nowadays in China, the high-end, ready-to-wear clothes brands are predominantly international, and Vita WEI is the only Chinese designer brand focusing on leisurewear in this market. In this fiercely competitive environment, Vita WEI really needed to lift its brand awareness and e-reputation in the high-end market. This is the reason why the brand decided to opt for digital marketing solutions to raise its profile. Considering Vita WEI a high-end brand target up-class and middle-class customers, GMA made the principle which is a detail-focused and simple design for its Weibo and WeChat account. GMA picked up an art-like simple, dark background photo, which symbolized simple, silent, and power. For the content posted, GMA also chose some well designed and artful pictures and plus with nice and beautiful sentences. In the part of PR chosen, GMA aimed the high-end fashion online magazines, like Marie Claire (Chinese) online version magazine which mainly for up-class and proper middle-class readers. To lift their awareness in Chinese society, GMA also chosen to post the Q&A on the forum platforms, which can raise more attention for the brand. They mainly focused on Zhihu, which is the high-level forum on the Chinese website and trust by netizens.



  • Brand new well-designed home page
  • Increase of followers by 30%
  • Selection of quality images and content


  • +7 000 reads of articles
  • 268 shares between friends
  • 5,037 shares on WeChat Moments
  • 961 related posts in conversation groups

Press Relations

  • Publication of press releases on famous online magazines (Marie-Claire China…)


  • Raise of more than 20 related topics on famous forums: Douban, Tianya, Baidu Tieba…
  • Trending Topic “How to Dress Well?

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