Chinese Distributors & Resellers for Fashion, Clothing and Apparel Brands

The first step is to identify these Chinese distributors

Do you want to contact Chinese distributors, resellers of fashion clothing in China, or get in touch with apparel distribution players (even know agents)? We may provide you a list of retailers, shopping malls, Chinese distributors and can help you to contact them. You first have to identify in which field you want to evolve: fashion? Luxury? Apparel? Clothing? Accessories? There are retailers for each of them.

Resellers China Fashion

How to succeed in your resellers and retailers research in China?

It is not what you think. Chinese resellers and retailers do not want to collaborate with small unknown brands in China, they need to trust their partners and want easy products to sell. You need to build your e-reputation in China to convince them to work with you. There is a process to follow if you want to succeed!

Process to succeed with finding a Chinese Distributors for your Fashion brand

  • Invest in a first communication campaign 
  • Use Wechat marketing, PR ,e-reputation marketing campaigns
  • Contact them or praticipate to a trade fair 
  • Continue to visit them, negociate with them, think about your network
  • Sell first goods to them, do not neglect quality
  • Invest in marketing and communication in China though good agencies

But first, what is a distributor in China?

A distributor in China is a Company that buys products or clothing lines, has warehouses to stock them, and resells them to Small Chinese retailers or direct to the end-users or customers. 3 key things to keep in mind when looking for a distributor in China:

  1. Most distributors in China provide strong manpower and cash support to the supplier or manufacturer’s promotional efforts.
  2. They usually not provide other services and they are not good at this.
  3. They are not here to invest in their supplier brand (you are their supplier)
Coping With China’s Shifting Distributor Network | IMA Asia

Understand that distribution in apparel in China is complex

We can provide consulting to help you to understand this market. We can also explain how the network, Guanxi (关系) in Chinese, is essential for your process. To deal with Chinese distributors, you will have to develop your network, find new partners, participate in events to increase your relations network in China. If people talk and know about you, they will easily trust you. In developing Guanxi (relationship) with China Resellers, you need to repeatedly exchange information with them, show a clear marketing plan.

The communication is the key to establish great business relationships with Chinese Distributors

When you plan to visit China, it is highly recommended to use the help of a partner (can be us can be another company too). Only partnerships with reliable distributors will be valuable: choose them carefully! One bad relation can cancel all your plan. In China, it’s all about reputation and image. Check information and reputation of the potential distributor, it may be a privately owned limited liability company.

How to cover all the clothing, fashion or apparel Chinese Market

Hire a Chinese sales agent to develop your research network in China

You have to know that few distributors/wholesalers can operate everywhere in China… They use other distributors to sell to another region/province. You may have to identify many local distributors to cover the whole Chinese market. But you should start with working with the strategic areas. If you think about hiring a sales agent, it is highly recommended if he has experience. The sales agent will prospect shops, distributors, and malls for you; being Chinese will also help him for your company development.


Trust a reliable marketing agency to build your e-reputation

Besides trusting a sales agent to take care of the physical and on-the-ground part, you will need to care about your reputation through word-of-mouth and network, but also about your digital e-reputation. Betting on digital campaigns and practices will highly accelerate your development and your chances to find the right partners for your brand. GMA (Gentlemen Marketing Agency) could be your perfect partner; with more than 7 years of experience, we know the secrets of the Chinese market and can help you through various services.

  • We can help you to understand the Chinese Market and help you to penetrate it
  • We can help you with your tailor-made digital marketing campaign
  • We can support you to develop your business in China

Contact us for more information, our consultant team will explain how it works!

Read more about distribution for Fashion in China:


  • italia-Mao

    Hi! I also would like to find good retailers and distributors for a friend’s brand!

  • Hello,
    I want to resell foreign brand on my wechat, i have more than 5000 quality contacts that regulary buy from me.
    Contact me with your product and brand

  • Hello Western Fashion Brands,
    We are a small online distributor in China. We have a taobao store and we welcomed foreign fashion premium brands to resell in China.
    If you want to enter to our store, or see our store, simple just send me an email

  • Kathy Chen

    We are a online distributor of fashion brands, we have more than 2000 online stores and influencers that works for us.
    We are searching for great Brands to resell in China.
    contact us with your brand information I will contact you back

    • Hello!

      We are High-end Streetwear brand and we are looking for a distributor.
      Please give me your Email!

      Thank you

    • Annemarie Noorland

      Hello Kathy,

      Came across your post on FashionChinaAgency website, our Group is investigating the possibility to launch a brand in China.
      Could you provide me with some company details and brands your represent as a first assessment from our side.

      Thank you,

    • Dear Kathy Chen,

      Please be noted my intention :
      I intend to import fashion apparel from China since near- distance and good price with great competition.
      However, cheap and rough fabrication is not we need.

      What we need:
      Pls recommend good stores as the warehouse for us to import for resell by stores in Taiwan.

      Of course, it is really small – quantity in initial stage, but we believe this is good beginning.

      My store is located in Kaohsiung nearby the shopping department , definitely need your supporting to make best improvement as best as we can.

      My name is Miss shi lein chen

  • Isabella wu

    We are a distributor of apparel in China with large network of 300 retail stores. We are searching to resell foreign famous brand in China.

    • Annemarie Noorland

      Hello Isabella,

      Came across your post on FashionChinaAgency website, our Group is investigating the possibility to launch a brand in China.
      Could you provide me with some company details and brands your represent as a first assessment from our side.

      Thank you,

  • Chongqing General Trading Group

    We are searching for represent European Brands in China, brands can contact us.
    We are Chongqing General Trading Group;

  • Dominic Tang

    i want to get some shopping malls contact to develop our business, pls adv if you can help us?
    first of all, i want to open some account for China E-commerce platform.

  • Hello

    We are looking for distributors of men’s garments in China , any one interested pls email to us

  • Raju Meharchandani

    I am from India and would like to introduce a brand of Fashion Accessories for women in China. What are the possibilities and scope there in domestic market. I have vast experience in Fashion jewelry, hair accessories, body toppings etc.
    Please feedback me.

  • Can you help a Brand to find online reseller?

  • Hello
    We are a chinese clothing online shop, and we can resell on Taobao, tmall, xiaohongshu, kaola Western Brand from Europe.
    Can we partnership together? You supply famous brand, and we resell them in China?

    • Hello Maggy, I am Rosa. We have premium stock of fabrics from very famous Italian brands and we would like to resell them in China. You may have the right connections we need and work together.

  • we are an Italian high-end shoe company already well established in several countries worldwide ( Italy, Europe, Russia, UAE, Iran, Beijing )

    You can have a precise idea of our actual distribution checking the shop map of our website

    We are planning a new around the world tour to better understand and decide the marketing implementation and consequent development of the company.

    The brand is skyrocketing the market and it has become mandatory for us to enlarge the distribution also in the Far East and in the Americas.We have Pr agencies in the USA and in Europe and we are now interested in finding the upper-cut of the Pr agencies in the Far East, somebody adequate and deeply competent able to provide business, networking, and brand development opportunities. China is a great country, a market that requires the right people for the best results.

    We would like to meet those of you who want to take part in this project in terms of business distribution.

    II you are interested in working with us, please get in touch with us and we will be able to fix an appointment.

  • Can you help a Brand to find online reseller?

  • Hello,
    I would like to launch my Designer Brand in China, what is the % of chance to find a Distributor in China?
    It is necessary to work on Branding ?

    • A

      Depend on the Branding…. Branding is everything in China. And we can help you to work on that. 😉

  • Vicky Cheng

    We used to be a Factory for cloth manufactorung and now we are changing and start to distribute fashion Western Brands, contact us

    • A

      Good to know you Vicky. I will contact you and will list you in our Distributor List for Fashion / Clothing.
      If any Brands have potential, we will introduce to you.

  • Josepha

    I want to Export Fashion items to China, and find an exclusive online distributor of leading brands in Italian luggage, handbag, and luxury accessory.

    • A

      thank you for contacting us Josepha; email is usually better for communication 😉


    Hello , I want know more about china fashion trends in Retail, and about
    fashion in china 2018 , do you have report for chinese fashion trends 2018

    I am ready to purchase a Report for china fashion industry statistics

    You told us that street fashion in china is super popular right ?

    Do you know the giggest China fashion market, did you heard about
    e land fashion china holdings?

    • A

      We do not have this report, maybe you can go to some Research reselling platform or ask Market Survey Agency.

  • A

    Sure Catherine, we will contact you. 😉

  • We are already exporting nearly 20 years including 6 to China. I run workshops, do live stream, teach organic skincare to moms and am a freelance writer. We had some success in Watson, China (retail) the only Australian brand to do so. We are looking to partner with Watson for ecommerce. I in HK this week then China educating. can you send to us your Contact list please, we want to work with distributors in China

  • My name is Elazar, I am a professional designer, I specialize in branding for companies, products, events. I have worked with entrepreneurs and companies both in Israel and abroad, consulting brands at the very early stage as well as established companies. People says me that I have unique business approach and innovative thinking. I want to know more information about your offer ?

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