Suning is the new friendship between Chinese and US market

Suning is the bridge between Chinese market and US brands

e-commerce plaforms

Currently, the e-commerce market is attracting Chinese consumers. They want to purchase foreign products especially concerning luxury and beauty products. Indeed, these goods are seen as quality and healthy which is very appealing in China.  

Suning is a US retailer offering electronics products in China and noticed a huge opportunity for cosmetics companies overseas to penetrate the Chinese market due to Chinese consumers’ demand. Indeed, they are more and more interested in purchasing their body care products through e-commerce platforms.

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Price advantage for consumers

Suning created it own e-commerce platform in order to sell various US and foreign products. The retailer emphasizes on the shipping fees’ decreasing and the improvement regarding infrastructure. This progress enables to offer to consumers effective services and products’ delivery faster. Consequently, cosmetics products’ online sales’ increasing was noticed.

This proves e-commerce platforms is offering huge opportunities for US companies to penetrate the Chinese market without moving or being present in China.


Digital Marketing’s revolution

buying online

Chinese consumers are passing many times tapping on their smartphone in order to unearth their favorite cosmetics products on platforms e-commerce or social medias. They want to be advised concerning products they purchase.

Actually, online cosmetics products sales will reach around 80 billion of dollars in 2017 which allows to companies overseas to get into the Chinese cosmetics market.

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Rude competition


These last years, many e-commerce platforms were born in China allowing companies overseas to launch their business by selling their various products. Therefore, today the competition is very rude and e-commerce platforms have to fight the e-market especially concerning the cosmetics and fashion products.

Jumei is the most famous cosmetics and luxury goods e-commerce platform and holds a mobile app too which enables consumers to purchase products through their smartphone. This platform sells many Western brands which attracted further Chinese consumers who are totally fond of it. Then, purchasing online avoids to consumers to buy counterfeit not quality and illegal products because Jumei fights against this scourge which is growing in China.

Moreover, the French Provencal brand “L’OCCITANE” provides for selling it cosmetics products on Tmall Global. This platform is one of the largest to sell cosmetics products overseas with over 70 000 brand partnerships and gets the half of online sales in China.

Then, Amazon and Costco retailers have got into the Chinese digital market. Recently, thanks to Alipay’s ePass function, US retailers can sell their products to Chinese consumers by using Chinese language. This new feature encourages them to finalize their purchasing on US website.

Penetrating the e-commerce Chinese market is not so easy. You may not have the chance to break into Chinese market thanks to a e-retailer. If you have any projects and you want to break into the Chinese market,  we can help you all along the project.

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