Chinese New Year 2021: Some examples of Fashion Brand Design

The Chinese New Year is the best occasion for fashion brands to create ad hoc campaigns in order to attract Chinese attentive consumers.

Chinese New Year is one of the most significant traditional holidays and gifting occasions in China. That is why international luxury brands have always been trying to use Chinese cultural elements and symbols with the hopes of resonating with local shoppers.

The Chinese New Year is also a time in which, through communication and marketing campaigns, Chinese brands tell about China, as it wants to be perceived outside, and foreign ones propose their own vision of the country and its culture. An important and sometimes insidious testbed.

Real-Time Marketing can be used to develop ad hoc campaigns in case of events that are external to the company but which in some way concern it, such as holidays. Especially when it comes to Chinese consumers, in fact, attention to traditional recurrences is very important and can prove to be a determining element within a marketing strategy. That is why it is highly advisable to plan a tailor-made campaign for these recurrences.

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Burberry Chinese Spring Festival Limited Edition

Burberry has designated models Liu Wen and Wang Xiangguo to appear for its Chinese New Year 2021 campaign, featuring a limited-edition Thomas Burberry Monogram Motif, inspired by the Chinese Year of the Ox.

Drawing inspiration from the upcoming zodiac year, which is often represented by bulls or cows, the exclusive launch features bull prints on ready-to-wear collections, handbags, shoes, and accessories such as caps and scarfs. The products first became available on the brand’s WeChat boutique.

Dior x Stüssy: New Year of the Ox Brand Collab

With Chinese New Year on the horizon, Kim Jones partners with Shawn Stüssy for a themed collaboration. This time, the Dior x Stussy Chinese New Year capsule revolves around the symbols of the Year of the Ox.

The hybrid branding presents the Dior name in the unmistakable graffiti font. Chinese consumers can expect a range of clothing items including a university jacket in red and the Dior branding stitched on the chest. However, the ox outlined in navy and filled in with the Stussy graphic-enhanced Dior logos is the main highlight of the jacket.

The capsule features accessories such as the festive navy blue backpack which comes with a removable badge of the ox silhouette.

Nike: The Master of Chinese New year Campaign

The collection features a range of lifestyle and performance sneakers, including the Air Max 2090, Dunk Low, Kyrie 7, SuperRep 2, and Blazer Mid. There are also four Jordans in the mix, the Jordan 1 and Jordan 5 Lows, as well as the Jordan 35 and Jordan Delta Breathe.

The inspiration for this year’s collection came from “temple fairs”, traditional folk events where people gather to watch fireworks, see performances, and eat seasonal food.

The colors and material choices for the shoes reflect three themes that capture the spirit of the New Year, explosive firecrackers, decorative golden knots, and spring blossoms.

The North Face: Chinese New Year Capsule Collection

The North Face celebrates the 2021 Chinese New Year with a new capsule collection designed to bring the festivities to its functional pieces.

The collection includes the 1994 Mountain Light Jacket, in a bold deep red, classic black, and a crisp snow-white. The classic black is rethought with an overlay of traditional Chinese floral prints in dark gray.

The collection also includes a selection of short and long sleeve tees and hoodies that combine The North Face logo with the Year of the Ox emblem which is represented sitting on a bed of traditional Chinese lotuses. The colors include the traditional Red and Gold tones symbolic of Chinese New Year and the staple white and black.

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