The case of Revolve in the China’s Fashion E-Commerce Market

Woman browsing a digital clothes rail on-line

How to appel customers in the China’s Fashion E-Commerce Market?

Who is Revolve?


Revolve is fashion e-commerce platform based in Los Angeles. It offers around 600 independent shoe and clothing brands, composed of well-known designers including Free People, Lovers + Friends, Calvin Klein, Alexander McQueen, Zac Posen and Alexander Wang and so on.


How this American website cached the Chinese e-commerce market effectively?

The interest of China had developed gradually since 2008 and nowadays after the United States of America, China is the second biggest market of the fashion e-commerce brand.

 Which lessons can we keep in mind to reach the Chinese e-commerce market?

The brand adapted to the Chinese customers to make life easier for them to shop on their website.


 Logistical changes

First, it replaced the two-week shipping with five-day, free-shipping so that customers spend less money and get their purchases more quickly.

 Improve the mobile app


 Then, Revolve modified its platform specifically to the Chinese market. It noticed that 42% of the transactions were done on the phone. Chinese are really connected to their smartphones and are used to pay with them. That is why the e-commerce brand created a mobile-optimized Chinese site where buyers have the ability to use Alipay, a special Chinese payment process. Thanks to that, Chinese were able to pay their purchases via Wechat.

 Be present on Chinese social medias


Moreover, Revolve created accounts on all of China’s major social media networks such as Wechat, Weibo among others.

Actually Chinese shoppers are extremely active on social media and use them to post campaign pictures and tell their friends that Revolve is a website they can trust. It is essential to be present on the main Chinese social media to compete in this market.

Organise an event in Shanghai


Finally, the e-commerce brand created an event in Shanghai close to the ones usually done in Los Angeles. That was a way to deliver the American fashion image of the brand.

Chinese customers were invited to come to the shops to live an offline shopping experience. There, they were able to enjoy Champagne and pork belly sandwiches, socialise and share their experience with friends. Actually, Revolve designed a special space enabling customers to take selfies with the brand logo and the designers’ brands. The goal was to put the events pictures on Weibo and Wechat to launch a word of mouth campaign and make the brand known in China.


How to expand in China?  


To expand their reputation in China and grab new consumers the brand thought first to add a male component to the next event because menswear represents 30 percent of the business in China. A figure that is not negligible.

Then, Revolve will add Chinese brands to their collections to appeal more customers. As some brands offered seem to be so sexy for the Chinese’s tastes, Revolve will add new clothes to adapt to the Chinese style.