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We translate your content while adapting it to China without losing any meaning.

Website Design


A website that appeals to Chinese netizens and to Baidu algorithm.



Quality original content in Chinese mandarin to share your story.


Baidu SEO

From keyword research to press releases, we help you rank on Baidu.


Baidu SEM

Register to Baidu Ads manager to run and manage your own Baidu Pay Per Click campaign.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Chose the right keywords to rank and get more visibility on Baidu.

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More about localisation


You may already have to create tones of content and want to put it to good use while saving some resources at the same time. With translators in your team that deeply know the Chinese culture it is possible. However, simply translating your current content into Chinese may not be enough. Remember that content must always be written with its reader in mind, therefore, the content you wrote for other markets may not appeal to Chinese readers.


Chinese website and web culture are very different from what you know. Actually each country will emphasize different things on a website. That is particularly true with China. You need to keep this in mind when developing a website. Think mobile and convenient. For instance, contact info should be easy to find, a live chat is a must. Contact us or read our blog to learn more, we can also design your website.


Sharing your story and promoting your brand through copywriting is hard enough in your mother tongue but it becomes another level of difficulty when you have to do it in another language with a culture you are not familiar with. Hire an agency that knows the topic, the culture, the language, and the market. We can help you find your voice and convey your values.

Baidu SEO

Once again the language barrier can be discouraging for many companies but SEO is crucial for your visibility and credibility. From keyword research to press release and backlinking we help you rank on Baidu and convert your visitors with convincing landing pages.

China Localisation - Frequently Asked Questions

Why is localisation so important in China?

Competition is fierce in China and localization is a way to set yourself apart from the rest. With good localization, you will appeal more to Chinese consumers. The vast majority of the Chinese population is not familiar with your countries values and is really proud of their own culture and values. By localizing you show that you care about them, about their culture, that you understand them.

How to localise in China?

Since China is a huge country with many traditions and cultures, it can be tricky to localise. We suggest you start slowly with one target audience. Once you are growing bigger you can diversify your message for other parts of China.

Why translating my website in Chinese mandarin is not enough?

As we said, translation is a big part of exporting your website in China; but you first have to obtain rights for the creation of a Chinese name domain “.cn” to be ranked and displayed on the Chinese digital world. But more importantly, your website has to be Chinese-oriented and mobile-friendly. Your Chinese consumers consume mobile-first and your website has to be designed and thought to fit Chinese consumers’ habits and purchasing behavior. Translating it in Chinese mandarin is just of step of the process.