Creative advertising ideas for your fashion brand in China

Your clothing brand is finished to the point. Not only is your fashion brand of the highest quality, also your designs are phenomenal. In short, you have a fully finished product to conquer the Chinese fashion market.

It seems like those other clothing brands were born for luck. The fans come naturally, the strong image is known everywhere and the sales figures are huge. But I can assure you, this has absolutely nothing to do with luck. Chances are you are missing one crucial asset. Here in this article you will

 It is story time: from customers to loyal fans

People will wear your attire only if they can find themselves in the brand story. For example, your clothes tell the story of the adventurous youth: every day time after time a new adventure, pick the day, do something else you would never do, push your boundaries, make your dreams come true… This story should fit perfectly with your attire, just think of the adventurous story and a T-shirt with exotic print, a comfortable baggy pants and a backpack, ideal for world travellers. Pull out this story anytime, anywhere, tell it on social media and integrate it on your website. That way, the customer falls in love with your brand.

E-mail signature: a small effort with a big result

The end of your emails is very important. Do you want to offer more than just friendly greetings? It is a must to incorporate your website and social media channels in the signature of your e-mail, after your kind regards. That way, more people will end up on your website and social media. And that is exactly where you have to strive continuously if you want to build your clothing brand.

For example, you can briefly communicate your marketing campaign via a PS and refer to your WeChat accouont where they can participate in your contest. After the referral to your website and your social media channels you can still close with a powerful banner.

 Partnerships: find your ideal partner and double your customers

To conquer the market with your clothing line, we strongly recommend that you collaborate with partners. As a starter of your own clothing line, it is smart to become partners with smaller clothing brands. Don’t think “my ideal partner is Gucci” and stay realistic. Good collaborations therefore consist of clothing brands that can strengthen each other. You can also think more than a collaboration with a clothing brand. Perhaps consider a collaboration with an accessory label, this can be a perfect combo with your clothing line.

This way you can score by creating a unique product together with your partner. The fans of your partner will also get an interest in your brand. Because, you are the cool sidekick partner of the unique must have product. So it comes down to his customers being interested in your brand and vice versa. The result is that you both get more customers, and that you strengthen each other’s image. So you know what to do: Go find your perfect partner and explore the possibilities in the Chinese market.

GIVEAWAY actions on WeChat: the likes and fans are piling up

You do not simply give away your clothes for free. A giveaway action creates more likes on your WeChat profile and automatically generates new customers. You can give a unique sweater for example as a sneak peek. Important here is that you take into account what is and is not allowed according to the WeChat guidelines.

Photoshoot: Put your clothing line in the spotlight

Your clothing brand must of course be put in the picture. Organizing a photoshoot with models that match the style of your brand is definitely a must. Your clothing may still be so fantastic, sleek and unique, with ugly pictures will not catch your clothes. Especially for Chinese customers, who are really visual, pictures of every angle are very important. The story and style of your brand must be translated into the photos. To articulate it clearly in one slogan: A clothing brand without good pictures, is like a car without wheels.

For the photoshoot a good preparation goes in advance, such as the choice of models, the setting, the poses, the attributes. Everything is on the mark of the brand story. In addition, you need two types of photos: On the one hand photos for the web shop, and pictures for your other channels like the website, social media and marketing campaigns.

For example, as a sports brand you can shoot action photos and explore adventurous backgrounds. If you are promoting a girly and glitter brand, you should choose a more ‘’Katy Perry style’’ for photos. A photo shoot is an absolute must to put your brand in the spotlight. Create the wow effect so your photos ensure that potential customers are immediately sprinting to your store or your web shop.

Social media as an asset: more visitors to your online channels

Social media efficient deployment can lead to sublime results. Social media is the norm to promote your brand’s image positively. And most importantly, social media makes for more fans, and ultimately also for more customers. There will be more visitors on your website and on your web shop if you use your social media channels efficiently. And more visitors to your website is good for sales figures. Imagine, a realistic situation is that 1% of visitors on your website buy something. So, the more visitors on your website, the more growth in sales figures.

Keep in mind, in China it’s all about WeChat. Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. will simply not be efficient in China.

Fashion KOL: The name put on the map

A strong reputation is of great importance for starting a clothing brand. At first, it’s important that you tell a story with your brand. In addition, it is also important for the growth of your brand that others talk about your brand. Certainly, influential people, such as well-known KOL or celebrities, can positively influence your brand’s image. So, check out which Chinese bloggers fit the style of your brand and think how you can convince them to write about your brand.

When influential kols write about you, this is guaranteed to be more fans. A good tip: put Chinese influential bloggers a pedestal and send them gifts, a unique piece of your collection for example. Convince them that your brand is really worth writing about.

Retail store: Find the perfect store for your brand

Let’s go, walk quickly to the shopping street in China and convince all the shops to put your clothes in the shelves. No, stop, wait, little moment, because unfortunately this will not succeed. You can’t sell your clothes in all the shops in China. In advance you should think carefully which clothing store can have an interest in your clothing brand. So which store fits the style of your brand? You can convince the store by demonstrating that your brand will definitely catch up with the target group that buys in that store. In addition, it is advisable to suggest the shop that you want to sell on commission, so they will consider faster to hang your clothes in the shelves.

Faith in e-commerce: E-commerce is a must in China

It has been a growing trend for years in China: online shopping. People buy a lot online. And of course, especially clothing is purchased online. Starting clothing brands can quickly become known when they actively communicate online, and of course also sell through a web shop. So, an online store is really a must to be able to sell more. Because the big advantage of a web shop is that there are no closing hours.

Blog: your brand as inspiration

Did you know that you can sell even more if you bring a creative and credible stories to the customer? You can only become successful if your customers are fully behind your story. You can tell your brand story perfectly in your blog. Nice blogposts Make sure you go beyond selling. Readers will be more interested in news about your brand, or you can inspire them with the look of your attire. The possibilities for blogposts are endless. Nice blogposts really make the image of your brand more positive and more familiar.

Collaborate with other web shops: Multiply your customers

You already have a web shop? Totally top! Of course you’re not the only one, there are a lot of clothing brands selling online. But good news, the large number of web shops can be seen as an opportunity. This way you can collaborate with other web shops and refer each other.

For example, if a customer has bought something online on your web shop, you can give a voucher for your partner’s web shop. Your customer will find you even more fun, and your colleague has a new customer. This is of course also in the opposite direction. This way you exchange customers as well.

Word-of-mouth advertising: New customers follow by themselves

The best advertising is done through your customers. Real fans who are 100% behind your brand will be able to carry the brand image positively outside. Fans do not come by themselves, the condition is that your brand story is communicated vigorously and credibly. Take care of a total experience: from a unique buying experience in the shop to a creative WeChat message.

Occasionally do a little extra for good/loyal customers. Practical example, when you invite customers to share your WeChat post. In return, the customer can win a unique set for the winter: cozy stockings, a warm hat and fantastic gloves. The ‘ Thank you ‘ post on the customer’s social media comes naturally. If it’s not winter, think of a summer package.

Create the wow effect: limited editions

You can score even more with your collection if you add limited items to your collection. The feeling of scarcity has a positive effect on sales. The client then creates the feeling of urgency because it is a limited edition item. Just think of a cute sweater with sequins. Offers only 25 pieces, and the one who gets to grab one will stand jumping to post a nice photo on social media. Your unique sweaters will form a topic of discussion on social media.

Impress the press: The perfect pitch creates brand awareness

Bringing your brand into the news agenda is the ideal way to gain notoriety in China. The opening of your pop-up shop for example, that’s only hot news in the region. The press determines whether or not your brand is in the spotlight. Before you speak the press you can prepare yourself well. See which journalists can be interested in your brand. Contact them and tell them briefly and vigorously your pitch. Convince the journalist by telling interesting news and bring the story of your brand in a strong way. In short, make sure that their interest in your brand grows. The positive articles about your brand follow by itself.

Pop-up shop: Increase your sales and brand awareness

Many clothing brands are sold in a shop and a web shop, but believe me, these are not the only two channels to sell clothes in China. The successful way to boost sales, and also boost your brand awareness, is to launch a trendy pop-up shop. A pop-up shop does indeed ask for some time and money, but this you will get back in the form of brand awareness and of course in sales. The big advantage is that visitors to a pop-up shop have a much greater experience than in traditional shops. Keep in mind that the location of your pop-up shop is very important.

New: Launch your #HASHTAG

Hashtags ensure that Internet users can classify your clothing and information. Your own hashtag can enhance the launch of your clothing line by bringing the content together. This way, your fans and customers can learn more about your clothing brands in just a few clicks. Also, other people will share your photos by using your hashtag.

Think carefully about your hashtag. You need a unique but simple word. People need to remember your tag, there must be a clear link to the character of your clothing line. Do not use long or complex words. It is better to use a word that is easy to spell.

The ultimate customer experience: fantastic packaging, hashtag and postcard

Today, Customer experience is everything. Before you start selling your collection to Chinese consumers, it is important to record how you will strengthen the customer experience. For example, a customer receives a jersey that he ordered from your web shop. The postman delivers this in a blank package. Your Chinese customer opens the package, and sees the sweater neatly wrapped in plastic. Obviously, the customer will be satisfied. But wouldn’t it be better if the customer is really satisfied? So happy that he will tell all of his friends on WeChat how cool your brand is?

Well, you need 3 things for that: personalized packaging, a creative hangtag and a personal postcard. First: personal packaging. If you personalize your packaging with a cool design, your customer will immediately be excited when he or she gets the parcel from the mailman. So he will have more desire to open the package.

Your customer is now already excited to open the packaging. Once the parcel is opened, he or she immediately sees a personal postcard with a message. He or she  could also notice the washing instructions, very useful! Make sure you have a nice design and decide what message you want to put on the card. The postcard is ideal communication tool to thank your customer for the purchase, and to encourage him or her to share their happiness on social media. As mentioned earlier, don’t forget to tag your brand with your own hashtag. Other idea: Motivate your customer to buy again, and give him a personalized discount code.

Let’s wrap up

China has a huge purchasing power, thanks to the Chinese millennials. They have become enthusiastic shoppers, ready to discover your fashion brand. To enter this market may sound a bit intimidating due to factors such as; e-commerce, WeChat and key opinion leaders. However, if you use these creative ideas effectively, your fashion attire will surely be a success in mainland China.

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