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How to Market a Fashion & Luxury Brand in China?

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Our Digital Marketing Solution for Fashion & Luxury Brands China


Market Survey

We can help with early-stage planning, strategy, and evaluation of the Chinese market.


China E-Commerce

Registration and management services to succeed on Chinese e-commerce platforms.


Influencer Marketing

Find the right KOLs for your marketing campaigns in China.



Build and maintain credibility in China with our e-reputation management services.

Baidu SEO

Landing page optimization, press release, paid ads... increase your Baidu ranking in China.


Social Media Marketing

Increase your brand visibility and awareness with a well-crafted social media marketing strategy.

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China Market Research

Your goals matter to us. The most important part of your marketing strategy is knowing what you are getting into. Learn more about your competitors and about your target audience. With a good market research, we build a custom online marketing strategy that will work with your budget, your needs, and the consumer's demands.


Get the visibility you need on China's number one search engine: Baidu. SEO is the best cost-efficient solution in China but it needs time, whereas paid ads a more expensive but will bring you the boost you need at the beginning of your journey. Let us optimize your website and lead your SEO/SEM campaign via press releases, landing page optimization, and great localized content.

KOL China


Consumers use the internet to search for information about brands but also to share information. We all know people tend to be more virulent and talkative when upset. Negative content will be damaging, therefore being able to manage this reaction and outnumber them with positive content is crucial. Community management and undercover SEO are the best methods to do so.

China E-Commerce

The Chinese e-commerce world is diverse and full of opportunities. There are options for all budgets, markets, and goals. From Tmall for high-end big brands to Taobao and Pinduoduo for smaller brands or from Little Red Book for foreign cosmetics to VIP for food... or even social media with WeChat store for instance. Having your own website gives you credibility and freedom as well. Ask IKEA, they are not on any Chinese e-commerce platform but doing great. We can help you register in any Chinese e-commerce platform, design your store, design your website, manage your store and promotion as well as your customer's service.

Digital Marketing in China - Frequently Asked Questions

Why traditionnal advertising is not worth it in China?

People in China are super connected and mostly shop online. It is convenient and saves a lot of time. With that time they do online research. They read and watch news online, they watch movies online, etc. Advertising on TV, in journals, and in the metro is extremely expensive or ineffective. Usually, traditional media are used by giants such as TMall,, luxury fashion brands, or brands that have been in China for years such as KFC.

What are the benefits of online advertising for fashion brands in China?

The fashion market in China has a lot of manufacturers and the competition is tough among Chinese brands. They are not the biggest actors in this market since foreign brands’ popularity is undeniable. It is therefore essential to build a coherent marketing strategy to have an advantage over the competitors. Having experts to help you improve your company’s notoriety, boost your brand’s awareness, and develop your products’ popularity is extremely important.