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Douyin Solutions for Fashion Luxury Brands

Official Account

We help you create an official Verified account to unlock many feature

Account Management

Create Content & Engage with your Community

Short Video

We write, shoot and edit short video for your account

Paid Add

We Run & manage douyin Paid for your brand

Douyin Kol

We Run & Manage Kols Campaign on Douyin

Douyin Store

Open a Douyin Shop and Start Selling within the app

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More About Douyin Solutions for Fashion & Luxury Brands

Register a Verified Douyin Account

To get started you need a Personal Douyin Account, then a chinese business Licence (we can help with that, contact us for more information), and an official certification application letter that we will provide if you decide to work with us.

Engage you Audiance With KOLs

Let us help you with finding the best Kols for your brand. We have experienced selectionning Kols and getting the best deals for our customers. Using Kols is great for brand building and it encourages UGC (User Generated Content). Kols campaigns are immersive and engaging for users. Once, your account is created, a blue "v" icone will appear next to your user name. You'll now be able to add link to your website or store and upload 1 min long videos.

Douyin Paid Agency

Douyin Ads

There is 3 types of Douyin ads: brand Takeover and, in feed native ads and Native Video. Brand Takeover ads get a full screen exposure at the openning of the app and redirect users to a landing page choosen by the brand if they click on the CTA. Douyin in feed native ads are 5-15 second vertical videos ads that appears on the "popular" page of Douyin. As a brand you can add a call to action to redirect users to a page of your choice. Native video send users who click on your official page.

Douyin-fashion-ecommerce solution GMA

Douyin CPS - eCommerce

Douyin launched their own eCommerce platform at the end of 2018, we can help you create a store there. You need to register an official account, pay deposit fee, then you shoot videos up to one minutes and get traffic via ads. We will help you with registration, set up and management.

Promote Fashion & Luxury Brand on Douyin - Frequently Asked Questions

How many users on Douyin?

Douyin has a total of 500 million monthly active users who spend an average of 30 minutes every day on the app. 55% of the users are female, 45% are male. Douyin is used every day and everywhere. 91% of Douyin users are engaging on the app: Like, Share and comment videos.

How to register official account on Douyin?

You need a Douyin account, a Chinese business license, and a certification letter.