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Douyin Solutions for Fashion Luxury Brands

Douyin Official Account

We help you create an official verified account on Douyin and optimise it for the best results.

Account Management

We create engaging and trending content, optimise your account and engage with your followers to gain good e-reputation.

Short Video Editing

We write, shoot and edit short video for your Douyin account. We have the knowledge on what is trendy and goes viral in China and we adapt your Douyin marketing strategy to it.

Douyin Paid Ads

We run and manage your Douyin paid advertising campaigns to reach Chinese users on the platform.

Douyin KOLs

We link your brand with the most suitable KOLs and influencers for your target audience and prepare and run influencer marketing campaigns.

Douyin Store

We help you register, set-up and optimise a Douyin store, one of the favoured e-commerce solutions in the Chinese market today.

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More About Douyin Solutions for Fashion & Luxury Brands

Douyin Official Account Registration

To get started you need a personal Douyin account first, that will be later changed for an official account. To register an official account and have it verified, you will be required to have a Chinese business license. We can take care of all the paperwork for you, from company registration in China, to store set-up and listings.

Collaborations with Chinese influencers

Let us help you find the best KOLs for your brand. We have experience selectionning KOLs and getting the best deals for our customers. Using KOLs is great for brand building and it encourages UGC (User Generated Content). Influencer campaigns are immersive and engaging for users. Chinese people trust word-of-mouth marketing far more than official brand’s content and they check for tips and product recommendations from their favourite influencers on daily basis.

Douyin Paid Advertising

There are 3 types of Douyin ads: brand takeover ads, in feed native ads and native videos. Brand takeover ads get a full screen exposure at the opening of the app and redirect users to a landing page chosen by the brand if they click on the CTA. Douyin in feed native ads are 5-15 second vertical videos ads that appear on the "popular" page of Douyin. As a brand you can add a call to action to redirect users to a page of your choice. Native videos send users who click on your official page. We offer cost-effective Douyin advertising campaigns, selecting the right ad types to fit your brand image and target audience.

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Douyin Social eCommerce

Douyin launched their own eCommerce platform at the end of 2018, and we can help you create a store there. You need to register an official account, pay deposit fee, then you shoot videos up to one minutes and get traffic via ads. We will help you with registration, set up and management. Douyin flagship stores are one of the rising start in China, taking China’s e-commerce by storm, thanks to it’s social elements and live-streaming integration. Contact us to learn more about Douyin stores.

Promote Fashion & Luxury Brand on Douyin - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between TikTok and Douyin?

TikTok and Douyin, both owned by ByteDance, essentially offer the same short video-sharing platform but cater to different markets due to regulatory and content considerations. Douyin is the version available in mainland China, with content and features designed to suit Chinese regulations and audience preferences. On the other hand, TikTok is the international version of the app, available in over 150 countries worldwide. While they share the same core technology and user interface, the content is kept separate due to differences in internet regulations, cultural context, and content preferences between China and the rest of the world.

How many users is there on Douyin?

As of 2023, Douyin has a total of 700 million monthly active users who spend an average of 30 minutes every day on the app. 55% of the users are female, 45% are male. Douyin is used every day and everywhere. 91% of Douyin users are engaging on the app: Like, Share, and comment on videos. Those users usually live in first and second-tier cities in China, so it’s a perfect target audience for luxury brands (as opposed to Kuaishou, Douyin’s main competitor, which targets lower-tier city consumers).

How to register official account on Douyin as a foreign brand?

As a foreign brand, registering a Douyin Official Account involves some additional steps due to the platform’s domestic focus and local regulations. While you can download the Douyin app and create a personal account using a mobile number, the transition to an official account typically requires verification with a Chinese business license, which foreign companies may not possess. Therefore, it’s advisable to partner with a China-based agency like ours, so that we can take care of the whole process. As a Douyin Certified Partner, we handle the application, verification, and setup process on your behalf, ensuring compliance with Chinese regulations and requirements.

Who is a Certified Douyin Partner?

A Douyin Certified Partner is an agency or service provider that has been officially recognized by Douyin for its proficiency in advertising and marketing services on the platform. These partners have deep insights into the platform’s ad ecosystem, content trends, and user behaviors, allowing them to craft effective marketing strategies. They also get direct access to the latest updates, tools, and features from Douyin, which can enhance the effectiveness of your advertising efforts. Gentlemen Marketing Agency is proud to announce, that since 2023, we are an official Douyin Partner, ready to help you with Douyin marketing the best we can.