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Dubai attracts Chinese tourists as a “Shopping Destination”

Last modified: September 4, 2017

Dubai has a smart strategy to attract Chinese wealthy Tourists, brand the city as a Shopping paradise.

Shopping center of the Emirates, the world-known extravagance shopping center in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) propelled another Mobile Application, thought in points of interest particularly for Chinese clients. To be sure, the strip mall perceives the capability of Chinese customers so they made a Mobile Application for them to appreciate more their shopping background and their stay in Dubai.

A “Shopping Resort” for Chinese

It will give the clients a simple to-explore manual for Dubai’s “shopping resort”, including a review of more than 630 universal Brand stores. Among them, more than 80 renowned form Brands, for example, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana and Prada are accumulated in a New Luxury Fashion Areas, situated in the shopping center’s Fashion Dome and Via Rodeo. They are a vital point for drawing in Chinese huge customers since they are greatly famous in China and have a settled picture for these guests.

Dubai goes Mobile with special APP 

The Application gives couple of extra capacities for Chinese clients with respect to their pre-entry and their adventure in Dubai: they can get to data about Dubai and the Mall of the Emirates, they can profit by an occasion organizer, a store locator, a cash converter, a tip number cruncher. It likewise gives data about Tourist and shoreline attractions, climate, Travel tips, VIP visits and so forth and insights about the scope of extravagance design Brands, gem dealers, watchmakers and feasting and excitement alternatives accessible to purchasers, as a feature of the administration went for Chinese Outbound Tourists.

Chinese Dubai

Advanced Strategy Made in China

However, the advance of Mall of the Emirates in their administration quality doesn’t stop here: in reality, inside the shopping center, “celebrity main street” administrations including Mandarin talking collaborators, carry administrations and select offers welcome the Chinese visitors. Additionally, Chinese customers’ installments are facilitated with Union Pay acknowledged in the entire shopping center.


Marketing to Chinese Tourists

Concerning on-year development of Chinese guests in Dubai, Director of Mall of the Emirates, Hussain Moosa stated: “In 2015, Dubai saw 450,000 more Tourist landings from China. With developing quantities of Chinese guests halting in Dubai to appreciate world-class shopping and obligation free costs, we are charmed to make the experience additionally inviting and less demanding for them with this creative Mobile Application”. For sure, this pattern is relied upon to keep on increasing quickly: the Middle Eastern city at present invites around 14.3 million overnight guests every year and this number is required to ascend by 9.7 percent by 2020.

Dubai & Chinese tourists 

Every one of these endeavors made by Dubai are gone for the city to wind up noticeably the new “dream” Destination for Chinese Travel sweethearts, in front of London and Paris. (Discover an article on Chinese loves Paris or London). Recognizing the capability of Chinese Tourists, neighborliness Brand Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts made a comparative application for visitors from China.

“Shopping is unquestionably more costly here however there is more assortment at the stores than back home and they positively need to reclaim presents for their family and companions,” Zhou deciphers one of the guests, Cong-Gao Hu, a resigned human services laborer who is going by Dubai with his significant other for the second time, clarifying why they are both most anticipating going to Dubai Mall once more.

Dubai pulled in 520,000 visitors from China in 2016, a 22 for every penny increment over the earlier year, as per insights shared by Sultan Siddiqi, a Travel specialist at Orient Travels in Dubai.

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For more information, read this article about Dubai’s shoppping paradise attract Chinese tourists with new digital strategy.

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Dubai attracts Chinese tourists as a “Shopping Destination”

Dubai has a smart strategy to attract Chinese wealthy Tourists, brand the city as a Shopping paradise. Shopping center of the Emirates, the world-known extravagance shopping center in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) propelled…

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