Dubai is Still Hot Topic for Chinese

Last modified: September 20, 2019

Chinese People really like Dubai… travel and invest there.
Top investment for Chinese?

Real Estate of course

According to International Financial News Chinese see Dubai as THE (cool) PLACE to live

Dubai, a city of splendor and wealth, is for many a destination in which to settle. Among the investors, we find several Chinese who want to get a big slice of the real estate market. So much so that China, for about two years in a row, is in the top ten among the countries that have invested more in real estate.

Investments in real estate

In this case, when it comes to investments in real estate, it is not just about houses, but purchases are of different identities and really luxurious as residential commercial housings, villas, apartments and even private islands on the sea

From 2002 to 2008, about 7013 investors and buyers, coming from China, made 9640 transactions in the real estate sector, for a value that amounts to well US $ 3.9 billion, as it is issued by Suhaib Shaikh, a local salesman in the industry.

This great interest in the real estate world, in the most famous capital of the United Arab Emirates, derives greatly from two factors. The first comes from the big Chinese project One Belt One Road initiatives, in which Dubai plays an important role. While, the second factor, is the merit of the Arabs who have overcome the competition, through the offer of preferential policies. In fact, by buying a villa in the Dubai area, you can get a 5-year residency visa.


I have a real estate agency, how can I acquire customers from China?

If you own a real estate agency and you intend to acquire customers from China, you need to understand this market and follow certain steps.

What you need is a partner , an expert digital marketing agency that will accompany you throughout the process. We will provide (but not only!)

  • A quality CHINESE WEBSITE that is built as a ‘vehicle for visibility’ on Baidu (see more here)

  • LEAD GENERATION, finding unique ways to attract people to your business. Providing enough goodies to get them naturally interested in your company.

  • BAIDU ADS , a powerful portal to investors. Consider that 75% of all property and investment research is carried out via Baidu. This is China’s largest search engine and you must be highly visible and reputable here.

  • SEO ON BAIDU (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) Baidu SEO comes with its own unique and challenging environment of complex language issues, cultural differences, user behavior, legal issues, censorship, and technical considerations. more information here
  •  WECHAT, it is primarily a branding & sales tool when it comes to Real Estate and for the sales process, it is indispensable. Wechat is also very important for your communication because is taking over all the others social media for promoting your brands. It will help you to engage with your customers and create a direct link with them.

For more information write to agency.marketingtochina.com we will be ready to answer all your doubts.

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  1. Chinese travellers and business workers are attracted by certain destinations like Dubai as you mentioned, but also like Greece.
    Some other destinations are very appreciated by Chinese travellers like France, South Africa, … Some destinations offer some advantages as real estate advantages or also visa advantages. It is very interesting to see in which extent countries attract Chinese people and how they manage to do so.

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