E-commerce platforms are perfect for fashion brands in China

The effectiveness of social media doesn’t need to be proved any longer in China. They are a part of Chinese lifestyle and enormously influence their decision to purchase. The brands well understand it well and don’t hesitate to use them with the aim of promoting and selling their products. In their marketing strategy, they incorporate all these media. They are more effective and satisfactory methods than a traditional marketing strategy especially in a country as connected as China.

Chinese E-commerce platforms

More than 600 million internet users and the same number of mobile internet user can be found in China. That is the E-commerce boom and now, we can see a lot of companies integrated and the emergence of E-commerce platform. 90% of China market is taken by online market. Around 300 million of Chinese go shopping online. B2C or C2C work both well. Moreover, the popularity of Fashion online e-commerce increases as well and becomes famous. We can see a lot of platforms being created on the net that specialises in promoting fashion. They are trusted by Chinese consumers and can easily incite them to purchase. jd ipo


Promotion of your products

Chinese consumers love sales promotions including free shipping, discount or flash sales. So the brands must concentrate above all on this matter. Tmall from Alibaba Group, is very famous for the different events that it organizes to promote and help products brands to be popular. You can also put some advertisement on the e-commerce platforms home page. Sometime e-commerce platforms are known to be specialized in special offers like VIP.COM. This fashion e-commerce platform has authentic brands witch grant discount and limited sales time of product with high quality. Since starting its activity the number of registered users has kept increasing. Many brands work with them to sells their products on VIP.COM.

Mogujie, a Chinese fashion e-commerce platform with approximatively 6.3 million Chinese consumers creates a special relationship with its Chinese consumers. Indeed, Mogujie besides selling fashion product, give a lots of fashion advices to help them find the good product and also to influence their purchase decisions. Puma trust in this new e-commerce and has decided to work with Tmall, one of Chinese’s e-commerce platform to promote and sell his product. They put on the TMall some of their fashion product and write a good description of them. Chinese consumers can see the product on their usual and preferred online shopping store. Now Puma is very well-known and has many Chinese buyers.Retail-On-Taobao

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This promotion is very important for brands because they can increase their sales and improve their brand awareness. On those well-established e-commerce platforms, Fashion brands get the support of the platforms impliying that they are backed up by the platforms. Such an action is most of the time what is needed to tip the edge in favour of the Fashion brand over another, which doesn’t have an e-shop.


With everything going digital in China, e-commerce platforms are not only a mean to have a direct access to Chinese consumers but a promotion platform as well. Brand awareness and brand image can both be improved through their proper use.

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  • Reginald Hook

    Hello! I didn’t know that luxury brands could go on such popular and wide platforms such as Taobao or JD.com, thank you! I heard that there are specialized platform now, would you rather recommend targeting one specialized platform or going on all popular e-commerce platforms?

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