Why e-retailer Shangpin attracts more European brands to China?

Chinese e-retailer Shangpin has become one of the most successful e-commerce sites in China with over 5million users since the online shop launched in 2010. Shangpin is the first Chinese online multi-fashion brand e-retailer and lifestyle platform which offers more than 400 international brands. Its luxury brands online shop image has been continually won millions of Chinese fans supported and become more and more overseas brands’ favorite e-commerce site to enter in Chinese market.


Previews Topshop collaboration campaign increases it’s confident to expand business

After great success of collaborating with British light luxury fashion brand Topshop, Shangpin takes its further action to attract more foreign fashion brands to work with them. And at same time, Topshop has also successfully opened the Chinese door in August this year. Not only Topshop, but also the following fashion brands like Arcadia and Stuart Witzman were signed the business deal with Shangpin.


Great partnership with right partners

Since Shangpin launched its business online, it has positioning itself as luxury fashion e-retailer. They were seeking partners who have similar taste. As result banks becomes their idea partners. By sending direct email to customers from banks, Shangpain attracts some of powerful purchasing customers when it comes to fashion products, especially in sales season, 50% of the customers are coming from banks’ clients. Besides, Shangpin offers loyalty customer program and gives customers additional discount in sales season.

Recently, Shanghai has just signed deal with UK government’s trade and investment department to help British brands exporting to China according to BBC news . it will really help UK to boost its fashion business and for those brands wanted to do business in China

Shangpin has made clear that its brand is full- prized online shopping site for fashionistas


No like other e-commerce websites, Shangpin announced that they are selling full price fashion trend garments from over the world and only doing discount when sales promotion season or holiday comes. It is clear that they don’t want to put itself as a cheap pizza express retailer and designer’s selection will be available season to season.


his marketing strategy is mainly based on the market research and understanding of its target customers. Shangpin knows how to sell to customer. For those people Shangpin targeting are normally rich people or middle class. This group of people is well educated or having a society status. And cheap price of clothes will simply not be their first choice. This is exactly why Shangpin positioning itself as the luxury fashion brand online shop.

Great promotion strategies cross over social media to mobile App

Shangpin doesn’t do discounts sales promotion. However, they still get a lot attention from the public.


Firstly, they have very popular social media platform to do interactivity with their targets.

Secondly, with mobile App, Shangpin offers not just an easy and convenient shopping channel, but also the great information that all fashionistas needed. It is all about the shopping experience with premium service.

Thirdly, articles, news and discussion about Shangpin that appear on both domestic and internationally website are all positive information which hardly to say no to this e-retailer.


What’s more, celebrity connections and fashion influence network are the main channels to guide their target audience and foreign business as they enter to unknow and competitive Chinese market.

Today, Shangpin is more confident than ever to double it’s sales in next financial year. And this high- ends and contemporary fashion e-retailer will keep attract more foreign brands and customers.

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