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Fashion Trade Show

We get you ready for your next exhibition in China.

Live Streaming

Live Stream is the future of evenmential in China, don't miss the boat

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Offline or Online, we set Pop-up Store for your brand

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Fashion Trade Show

Whether they are offline or online, you'll have to get ready for an exhibition. Getting you ready and fully optimized in order to maximize those events is out Job. From registering you, to your booth, to e-Reputation and H5 brochure we will take care of everything following your guidelines. It is absolutely necessary for your brand to actively increase your online presence before investing in an exhibition or a  salon. Any business persons that will notice during a salon will research your company afterward and judge of your legitimacy.

2020 Fashion Week Shanghai

Live Streaming

Live Streaming Events are becoming the norms . It is an exccellent way to gather a maximum of traffic while still offering some sort of original content to your viewvers. It is a more natural way to engage with your target audience. But as everything else it needs to be prepared. Platform Registration, Live stream organization (Guests, promotion etc).


Pop-up Store

Offline in special venue or online, pop-up stores are always a great choice for Fashion and luxury brand as they reinforce the exclusivity and rarity feeling of Luxury items. In order to get the best results both will have to promoted online, wechat group and H5 are great tools to promote such an event, as are Paid ads, Weibo annoucement and Kols.


Fashion & Luxury Events

Fashion Events are an unconditional for fashion Luxury brand in China and everywhere else in the world. They are a great place to meet up with media outlets, fashion celebrities, and Kols. Just like salons, you have to be ready for these events. We will help you organized your own event and get you an invitation to the best fashion and luxury events out there. You would not want to miss the Shanghai fashion week, right?

Fashion Events in China - Frequently Asked Question

Why organize a fashion event?

The purpose of an event is to bring people together around a project using a more concrete means of communication. It makes it possible to set up sensory marketing elements that cannot be transcribed through another medium. The feeling of closeness is unique and allows the guests to feel more involved in the cause of the event. In addition, in the luxury industry, events are privileged means of communication because they bring exclusivity, rarity, and dreamy effect.

What are the different stages of a fashion event?

Choosing a marketing & event agency seems to be the first step in any event. The agency will take charge of the creation of the event according to specifications supplied by the client.
Implementation of an online and offline marketing strategy. Promotion with Wechat, live streaming (Douyin, Kuaishou), and video (Youku) but also SEO with Baidu.
The next step is the production of the event: research of the location, providers, materials, etc. according to the predefined budget. The event then takes place, and it is often there that malfunctions can occur; therefore, the two parties must coordinate effectively to limit these incidents. Most people think this was the last step in an event, but the dismantling part is as important as the others.

How to integrate a more eco-responsible dimension to a fashion event?

This initiative begins at the front of the event; keep in mind that making an event greener has a cost in terms of time and money. When drawing up the budget, you have to think broadly if you want to allow yourself to choose greener and recyclable materials. (read the guide for organizing a fashion eco-responsible event in China)
During the event, impactful measures can be implemented more easily so that customers notice them; this is also the reason why companies highlight this step in their communication. Banning single-use products such as goblets, straws, or water bottles is the first step. They are easily replaceable with gourds as an example. It then seems natural to think of using recycling bins. As for food & bevrage, a good solution would be to produce in smaller quantities, even if it means risking shortage, or to better recycle the leftovers. The idea is to think collectively rather than individually to reduce the astronomical quantities of waste (especially plastic) that events generate.
For the aftermath, materials are most often destroyed or burned because they cannot be recycled, but more and more opportunities for recycling materials are emerging, particularly in Europe. Renting can also be a wise choice, as are donating materials to charities; the last option remains storage, even if this proposal divides the professionals.