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foreign model Shanghai

China is known for praising the Caucasian model, which is very visible in its media. Chinese fashion agencies are full of foreign models offers. From advertising spots and branding in shopping malls to fashion shows, the event market is large for foreigners who know how to take the advantage of it. If you want to become a model in China, we encourage you to read this post before sending your portfolio over to Chinese models Agencies (and maybe consider hiring a personal branding agency to get the best contracts)

Caucasian models are highly coveted by Chinese medias

Mobike ad French model

Clémence is delighted: this 22-year-old French student was chosen among the extras of a commercial spot for Mobike. Her assignment: riding a bicycle in the streets of Shanghai and enthusiastically facing the camera to explain how rental bicycles have revolutionized her daily journey in the city.

« They were looking for a French girl from Paris, moreover with blond hair to represent Europe ». Her daily performance brought her ¥ 500, « It’s not much but it helps when you’re a student. I did it for the experience, I found it funny to be in an ad. I had not been told it would be for Mobike, I only knew it involved a bike! ».

caucasian model China

Could this omnipresence of Caucasian models in Chinese media be insane in the way Chinese will look at their own beauty? Not for Clémence, who thought already about that question:

« Chinese will compare themselves to the Caucasian model, they may try to get closer to it but they don’t think they are less attractive physically than Europeans. Many also find the Chinese model very good. The Caucasian model is a vision conveyed by media hype! Because of them, it’s become so important. What is true is that it is well seen to have blond hair in China. And the skin color remains important, I admit that there were only European extras and white Asians in the video ».

China’s world of fashion is getting more diverse

fashion diversity

Natalie is 23, she has just been recruited in an agency that works mainly with foreign models. Though she never participated in a professional shoot before, her Caucasian appearance played in her favour. Blond hair with blue eyes, a criteria for success in Shanghai? She would not swear it :

« I find instead that the world of fashion begins to diversify in China. Obviously, for cosmetics advertisements, they will always prefer to have models with very white skin, but I often see special offers for mixed & African models. On the catwalk Africans often have the advantage of the size. ».

And yes, size count in China :

« The size criteria have rapidly increased in China, they want slender models, that’s what makes people dream. Even for photoshoot women are expected to measure 1.72m, I will say that the highest minimum to have a chance is 1.67m. Men must necessarily measure more than 1.80m, unlike what is commonly believed, there are many very tall Chinese boys ».

Uniqueness, an asset of foreign models

China model singularity

For Natalie, the strength of a foreign model is above all its singularity:

« What fascinates the Chinese are the difference. They do not have, for example, freckles all over their faces like redheads, minnow eyes, or pointy noses. Clothing ads in China regularly highlight Caucasian models with physical peculiarities. It catches the eye of Chinese customers, it’s sells well. They love the physical traits that make them stand out from the crowd ».

Chinese fashion sphere becomes very demanding

Even if her agency recruits all profile types ranging from average citizens for commercials to gazelle legs’ parades, the selection criteria offer serious ruthless :

« There is indeed a demand for Caucasian models, but now if you want to be a model in Shanghai you must speak English fluently, better being a native speaker. For commercials or public presentations, they will require models with American or Australian accents and acting experience. Meeting the physical requirements will not be enough just because we are foreigners ».

No doubt that we are gradually moving towards the obligation for foreign models to speak Chinese. Chinese models learn more and more to speak English, being an English speaker becomes a standard and no more an added value.

Become a foreign model in China: beware of scams!

China model scam

Modeling in China seems to be a great opportunity to make easy money for many foreigners. The reality can be much crueler, as Roy demonstrates it, is working in that field for several years.
Sino-American model, Roy – under his model nickname – is what the Chinese call a ‘Xiang jiao ren’, a ‘banana-man’, yellow on the outside but white on the inside, to describe these Chinese born in the USA. Revolted against the agency’s dirty business, Roy chose to continue his activity freelance.
He denounces a system where fake fashion agencies are not lacking and exploit very young Slav models:

« There are many young Polish, Ukrainian or Russian attracted here in China, some of which are not even 18. Very few can speak English or Chinese. Agencies hold back their salary while they are there and give them only ¥ 300 pocket money per month, do you realize, ¥ 300 to cover your living cost in Shanghai? It’s nothing at all! Many start to work at nightclubs to afford it. They go home with their pockets empty ».

Scams that mainly affect women, talking back to the controversy surrounding the death of the 14-year-old Russian model in 2017, who died from exhaustion after having exceeded her contract’s legal working hours.

Costa Rican bodybuilder, Caesar has nothing to complain about. His schedule is full: he poses for the Calvin Klein brand, participates in catwalks and many events when he is not training at the gym. He is as well a party promoter in one of Shanghai’s trendiest nightclubs.

Which model should I choose for my advertising in China?

market ad China models

You want to reach the Chinese public through your advertising.

It is excluded to use only foreign models, you will not speak to the imagination of your audience which certainly internationalizes, but develops at the same time a strong national identity.

The best combination of the moment is to include Chinese models with metropolitan style and foreign models with less classic physical features: freckles, afro hairstyle, very large eyes …
Chinese like long faces and thin noses about Caucasian models, they envy the fold of eyelids that do not have slanted eyes, also light-colored eyes. They are particularly curious about curly or frizzy hair. This is their definition of exoticism.

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  • Eugenie GRATTON

    Hello! My name is Eugenie, I am 17 years old, half French and half Chinese. I am currently studying in Shanghai and I speak Chinese, English and French. I am 1.68m. I’m currently searching for a modeling job, especially finding some modeling opportunities starting form 25th of January.

    My wechat ID is: Eugenie2006

  • Hello, my name is Al Rahat, I’m (171cm – 63kg) from Bangladesh I’m currently based in China and looking for a modeling job.
    Number/wechat : 17802272630

  • Hello!! My name is Al Rahat. I’m 20 years old. I’m from Bangladesh. now I am in china and wants to become a male model in china I hope you will give me this opportunity My height is 17o cm and my weight is near about 63 kg

  • Hello everyone This is yanchuan I’m 19 years old Pakistani now I am in china and wants to become a male model in china I hope you will give me this opportunity My height is 171cm and weight is near about 59 kg

  • Yarita John

    Hi am yarita I am 15 from Africa my height is 174 and my weight is 52 am for looking for modeling in china

  • Hello. My name is Ndeshi and I’m from Namibia (South West Africa). I’m 21 years of age and I would love it if you would pick me to be one of your models as it’smy dream to become a model. I’m 1.70m tall and 60kg in weight. Thank you!

  • Hey im sabrine 21 years old from Morocco I want to be a model for you i live in china contact me to send you my photos and everything thanks

  • Hello, my name is Oleg, i am from Russia, i would like to offer my assets in modeling, i have a bit of experience in photoshooting, thank you for the opportunity

  • Ena chakma

    NI HAO . I’m ena . My height is 5’6 or 168 cm . And my weight is 47 kg . I’m a Bangladeshi girl but I look like kind of korean and Chinese. I would love to be a fashion photography model in your place . Hope you’ll pick me . Thanks for spending some moment by reading my comment. Xie xie ni .

  • mulungi Esther

    Hello, My name is Esther mulungi I am 31 yrs old I’m from Uganda i came to china three days back just to look for modeling agencies i would like to get a chance to join this modeling agency 🙏

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  • Hi,

    I am blond hair blue eyed man from Finland. I am 180cm 80kg. I have good english, i can al so play drum and sing. Do you hav anything for me?? you can contact to me by email samijkvaananen@gmail.com.

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  • Courtney

    Hello, hope you are having a good day.

    My name is Courtney and I’m 19 years old, I’m from South Africa. I would love to model for China I am 165cm tall and weigh 47kg.
    Thank you.

  • My name is Kinza . Age 16,weight 46 , height149cm. I would like to be a model in China.And one thing more l am Pakistsni.hehe:))

  • Hello, my name is taneem, I’m South African (189cm -85kg) I’m currently based in China (close to Shanghai) and looking for some modeling job.

  • I’m prisca koka 1.80cm I’m looking for opportunities of modeling I’m in China

  • Hi, my name is Martha a 23 years old female, I am looking for modelling opportunity in china and I am from Africa. My height is 172 and weight is 58kg. I would gladly respond if there is any opportunity

    • NDEPI Cecile samira( Destiny Deborah)

      Hello, my name is NDEPI Cecile samira also called Destiny Deborah, I have 21 years old, from Cameroon in Africa and I am a girl. I want to be a model it’s my childhood dream until now. My height is 161cm and my weight is 59kg. I will agree if there is an opportunity to be that.

  • Maureen

    Hello i am a 30 year old African lady looking for a modelling opportunity in china my height is 167 cm and weight 65kgs weight, i am willing to relocate if given an opportunity i have interest in model and i look younger than my age.

  • Tabitha

    Hie I’m a female from Africa, but I’m currently in china ,I’m looking for a modelling job ,I’m slim, 50 kg weight, 157cm height. Looking forward to work with you thank you .

  • Mohammed Zeroual

    Hello, My name is Mohammed Zeroual, Im 20 years old, Im from Morocco, I would like to work as a model, I want to offer my services for the modelling of Chinese product. Im 190cm Tall and 72kg weight.
    I look forward to your reply. yours sincerly.

  • Karisma

    My name is Karisma and was born in Australia. I have a mix of European and Chinese heritage and currently live in the UK. I would love to try out modelling in China. I am slim, weigh 56 kg and 165cm. I look forward to your reply. Yours sincerely.

    • Dolores Admin

      Hey there,

      Have a look to our white book about personal branding in China here
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  • Mpho Maimela

    I am a 29-year-old woman. I am 1.71m tall and I am a model here in South Africa. I would love to come work in China and do some modeling. Please contact me. Thank you.

    • Dolores Admin

      Hello there,

      Thanks for reaching out to us.
      Feel free to send drop us a request here to get our personal Branding in China Guide.
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  • Dear Sir or Madam,

    male, 183 cm height, slim, 67 kg, and I am interested in modelling for various Chinese brands. I have good physics and I can provide my photos. I want to offer my services for the modelling of Chinese product.
    Please let me know if I am going to be useful for you.

    Kind regards,
    Artem Sergeev.

    • I am from Russia

      • Ksyusha

        Hello. I’m from Russia. Age 19, height 162, weight 49. I have blue eyes and blond hair. I would like to experience working as a model in China this summer.

  • My name is Edgar and I am 18 years old. I was born in Armenia, lived and studied in Russia for about 10 years. at the moment I live in Moldova, I dream of doing modeling in China. My height is 182 cm, weight 69 kg, thin physic. I really hope for your cooperation.

  • Loana65

    What is the most targeted type of profile?

  • Maral Ghazinuri

    Im a 19 year-old girl and im Perisan. Im a tomboy so the style is obvious. I just wondered if China hires some persons with this style. Thank you.

  • Stevie Chen

    I’m Stevie a female, we are an athletic brand, looking for a female model for shooting activewear in Ningbo city. If you are interested, please contact me. mobile: 13566622850; wechat: 13566622850; email: stevie_chencn@163.com

  • Nice article. I wish to be a model too. And I lived in nyc a few years ago. I studied in Parsons the new school for design and major in strategic design and management. Send email to me if anyone of you want to see my look (facial lines or height etc)or you need an Asian model to advertise for a fashion brand. Thank you. Or you can go to xia-wu.format.com to see the pics. Love.

  • Hello
    We are searching for foreign KOL in China.
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  • Ella-Mae Storm-Eckersley

    Hi my name is Ella-Mae and i am 16 years old turning 17 in March. I moved to Shanghai in September 2019 to study my A-levels prior to heading to Univeristy. I would love to try out modelling. I weigh 59kg and a height of 163cm. I would love to hear back from you. I lived in the North-West of England near the coast.

  • Ella-Mae Storm-Eckersley

    Hi my name is Ella-Mae and i am 16 years old turning 17 in March. I moved to Shanghai in September 2019 to study my A-levels prior to heading to Univeristy. I would love to try out modelling. I weigh 59kg and a height of 163cm. I would love to hear back from you.

  • Hello, my name Sam Clark, I’m Caucasian from the US (I’m 5’10 and 165 / Long Blonde Hair / Blue Eyes ) and I’m very interested in any modeling positions. Please email me and we can go from there.

  • gahima tonny

    hello i m tonny from Rwanda and i m interested to be be with in modeling i have had a group here in my country i was working in but i really want to work aboard new agency and it will be pleasure to work with you and if you can give chance to work with you

  • Brian Edgerly

    Hello, I am 36 years old. Male from Texas, 5’8″ 170 lbs. I have a strong Texan accent. Would you know of any voice jobs or modeling for my age? I do not mind getting in front of the camera. I have done over 400 videos, from Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

  • Hello
    My name is Mobeen
    I’m live in beijing
    i love modeling
    I would like work with your team.

  • Hello, I’m Kat. I am an actor/model living in China and traveling around a lot. Would like to be able to pick up some extra work.

  • Sanjoy Saha

    I want to work as a model in China.

  • Zhong Jia

    We are a MCN Chinese agency, and we are searching foreign model to make them famous and become KOL.
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      I base in China my height is 184cm and I weigh 68kg you can contact me on wechat munxee_soufyan

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    • Javed iqbal

      Hello I am 30 years old male , my height is 180cm I can speak and read Chinese fluently , can I work with your company ?
      Will be waiting for your worthy reply . Thanks

    • Hi! Im a model in China, I can speak chinese, how can i contact you?

  • shaghayegh

    hi . i’m shaghayegh. i have a question . i’m a tall girl. 178cm. can i be a model in china ??????


    We are MCN agency, and we are searching to recruit Foreigner for model and KOL. Most of our clients, are searching for foreigner model with lot of fans on weibo, INS, RED , douyin.
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  • Hello. My name is Tanya. I’m arrived to Shanghai recently. I have model card and few foto. I worked as a model in Russia. I would like work with your team.

  • Mara Ana

    Hello my name is Mara Anna , I live in Timisoara ,Romania , im 1.72 tall and 55kg , my instagram is mara.xcvii

  • Mara Ana

    My name is Mara Anna , im 1.72cm tall and 55 kg , im 22 yo , I live in Timisoara , Romania I am very interested in moddeling , my instagram is mara.xcvii , please contact me .

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    • Hello everyone This is yanchuan I’m 19 years old Pakistani now I am in china and wants to become a male model in china I hope you will give me this opportunity My height is 171cm and weight is near about 59 kg

  • edmilson

    Hello , My name is Edmilson , I’m from Mozambique , im based in china -jinagsu-zhenjiang , 1 hour away from shanghai by G-train , im looking for modeling jobs,i’ve done some modeling jobs and acting jobs as well,im 189cm and 73KG . looking forward to work with your team . feel free to check my instagram for some of my work or request me to send more . IG: edypurp

  • edmilson

    Hello , My Name is Edmilson , im from Mozambique, im based in zhenjiang city , 1h away from shanghai , i’ve been modeling for about 2 years. im 189cm , 73 kg. my instagram is : @edypurp and feel free to contact me to see more of my work . im looking forward to work with your team.

  • Awais Ahmad

    Hello sir i hope you are fine. I am student and i am studying in Weifang university of science in technology in Weifang city. I have experience of modeling and i do photo shoot randomly. i haven’t worked for any product and company but i am sure that if you’ll give me a chance so you’ll not regret. please inform me if i am useful for you.

    Awais Ahmad ( Mr Black )

  • Hello, my name Tom Rensma, I’m Caucasian from the Netherlands (Im 185cm and 70kg) and currently based close to Shanghai.
    Pls contact me; 13757188248

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