From Luxury Bags to Jewelry, the Influencer Mr. Bags sold for 500,000 RMB of Qeelin Necklaces in one second

At the dawn of 2023, Mr. Bags is one of the most influential Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) in China today. While the market evolved after the removal of Viya and the disappearance and reappearance of Li Jiaqi, Mr. Bags remained stable. He is today reaching 10 million followers over all platforms with a strong community. His second collaboration Mr Bags x Qeelin released in December 2022 was sold out in 1 second.

The Reasons Behind the Explosive Success of Mr. Bags x Qeelin

In 2020, a Mr. Bags x Qeelin collaboration already occurred with a limited edition of the Wulu necklaces. The 100 pieces were sold out in one second. With this new collaboration on the Bo Bo necklaces, Tao Liang and the Chinese luxury brand owned by Kering are expected to create the magic again. And it worked!

WeChat Mini-Program of Mr Bags selling the Bo Bo Necklace limited edition
  • Community – Mr. Bags already benefits from a strong community of 10 million followers spread amongst WeChat, Little Red Book, Weibo, and Douyin. When he announced the limited edition, all Chinese followers run to get the chance to purchase one of the 118 necklaces available at almost 5,000 RMB.
  • Expertise – Mr. Bags is posting videos and articles about the best luxury bags to purchase from a style and investment perspective for over 12 years now. Most of his followers are among the HNWI and high-middle-class consumers with the financial capability to turn to fine jewelry.
  • Trust – Chinese consumers are ready to purchase fine jewelry from trusted sources. They are likely to follow influencers and live streamers with a strong knowledge of this specific category. Since luxury brands raised the price of their bags several times in 2022 and Chinese luxury shoppers already have an impressive collection, they naturally turned towards jewelry items.

The Future of Influencers and KOLs for Luxury Bags and Jewelry

The value of a local influencer in China does not depend on its number of followers… but on its unique bond with each of them. Only his expertise and the loyalty of his fans can guarantee the success of your collaboration. Instead of the quantitative data, you will need to analyze the qualitative data about its audience, expertise, and engagement with the community.

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