Galeries Lafayette Shanghai: Is This Shopping Mall Good For Your Brand in China?

Galeries Lafayette is a world-famous luxury shopping mall. In march 2019, the first Galeries Lafayette in Shanghai was launched. It is the third Galeries Lafayette in Asia and the second Galeries Lafayette in China.

Overview of Galeries Lafayette Shanghai

The Galeries Lafayette Shanghai is located in the city center of Shanghai, the whole shopping has 5 floors from B1 to F4, with a 23000 m3 business area. Considering the past success of Galeries Lafayette, many luxury brands are looking forward to taking a place in it. However, Galeries Lafayette Shanghai is not the best choice for most brands.

Galeries Lafayette Shanghai

Is This Shopping Mall Good for your Brand in China

As one of the top luxury malls in the world in a top city in the world, the cost of joining the Galeries Lafayette is huge, exceeding the revenue of some smaller brands. To have a store in Galeries Lafayette, your brand will also need to pass the check of Galeries Lafayette. To keep the exclusivity of a Top luxury shopping mall, Galeries Lafayette is only accepting top luxury brands.

  • For small or middle brands, it might not be a good decision to join Galeries Lafayette. The cost to join is usually exceeding their affordability. It might also make your targeted customers feel too expensive to buy which actually decreases your sales.
  • For top luxury brands, Galeries Lafayette Shanghai can be an excellent booster of both your sales and brand image in China.

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