Hermes Scarves Have Become a Common Gift in China

As one of the top Luxury houses in the world, Hermes plays an important role in the Chinese luxury market. But you may not know that the most common gift product from Hermes is their silk and cashmere scarves in China.

Wide Acceptance for the Best Materials

Chinese customers are usually putting much emphasis on the material of a product as an essential scale. Silk and cashmere are both seen as luxury materials and are valued a lot. Combined with the Luxury brand image of Hermes, the Hermes scarves have built a common image as one of the best scarves in the market. This wide acceptance has made it an acceptable and valuable gift for most people.

Hermes Scarves China

Scarves can Never be a Wrong Gift

Gifting is important in China, as part of the Chinese culture, Chinese people are buying a lot of gifts for festivals, birthdays, anniversaries, or business cooperation. It’s always important to avoid giving an unwanted or unsuitable gift because that might even undermine your relationship. At this moment, scarves become a gift that would never be wrong. It’s suitable for any age, any size, any gender, and any time (silk scarf in summer and cashmere scarf in winter).

Peihuo is Leading to a High Presence of Hermes Scarves.

Peihuo (配货) is a phenomenon that needs the customers to buy a certain amount of unnecessary goods in order to buy the bags they really want. What can be the good you can always buy even if you don’t need it at present? Scarves! To meet the Peihuo quota of the bag they want, customers usually choose to buy a lot of scarves because it’s easy to resell on the market or give to someone as a gift. This resulted in a high presence of Hermes scarves in the market.

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