How Home Fragrance is Becoming the Star Category in China?

In our daily lives, if there is anything that can quickly improve the quality of our lives and purify our air, besides a hot cup of coffee in the afternoon, I think “good smell” is indispensable.

So, do you know how obsessed Chinese consumers are with home fragrances these days?

Rising demand for home fragrance in China

China will soon be the 2nd global perfume market source

From 2011-2016, the market size was low compared to other daily chemical sub-categories as the use of fragrance has not yet formed a common consumption habit in China. However, after 2016, with the gradual increase in the middle-class population, the sales of fragrance products as products that can set off the quality of life, the fragrance market has shown an explosive rise. At the same time, in the present time of personalisation, scent personalisation has become a way of expression for consumers to show themselves, the demand for fragrance is also gradually increasing, the market size of China’s fragrance reached $1.575 billion in 2020, the epidemic impact of the market size still reached 10.48% year-on-year growth rate.

However, in the fragrance market, it is not only perfumes for personal use that are popular with the public, but also home fragrances that are now very popular with Chinese families. If you search the keywords “home fragrance sharing” on Xiaohongshu, you will find 23.82 million discussions about what brands are best to use. Home fragrance is still a relatively small category in China, but it has become a new star in the “olfactory economy” and has great potential.

Home Fragrance has Health Benefits for Chinese Consumers

1. Stress relief.

With the rapid development of China, people’s pressure is gradually increasing. It is worth mentioning that recently there is a new term “996” working pattern, which refers to a working time system of “starting work at 9am and finishing work at 9pm, working 6 days a week”. They are physically and mentally exhausted. However, the anxiety of life is likely to affect our normal life. Therefore, putting a light fragrance in the house, it not only has a refreshing effect, but also can be very relaxing and calm the mind gradually. For people who are tired of the day, home fragrance can be a kind of solace.

2. Anti-bacteria

Summer is easy to bacteria time, home fragrance, they taste light, not pungent smell, but can play a role in dispersing mosquitoes, antibacterial mites, but also will not be harmful to the human body; winter, in cold China, people in the cold space, light a scented candle, more can add a little temperature in the winter.

In China, many home fragrance brands are creating “scented spaces”

Since the 2019 outbreak of the new crown epidemic Chinese people can only be isolated at home, Chinese home fragrance sales have soared, with data showing that 51% of consumers say they try to use scented candles at home to soothe their emotions. At present, Guanxia, Beast, Balio, RECLASSIFIED perfume room and other national brands are launched with soothing and healing home fragrance products, such as essential oils, aromatherapy lamps and stoves, diffusion stones, aromatherapy candles, aromatherapy rattan, etc., widely acclaimed by the public

The Beast: The Successful Home Fragrance Brand in China in 2022

The Beast was born on Weibo at the end of 2011, initially as an online flower store. At that time, the owner only put the photos of the bouquet on Weibo at first, but over time, customers who came to order flowers told the owner their stories, and gradually the owner would not only match the flowers and gift boxes, but also attach 140 characters of “flower stories”.

The “flower ➕ story” was later called “the top 10 classic cases of microblog marketing” and attracted more than 180,000 fans for Beast. Every year after that, Beast also joined hands with many famous brands at home and abroad to create a cross-border “BEAST x”. From a legendary florist to a high-end art and lifestyle brand, products have been expanded to focus on fragrance, beauty and personal care, jewelry and accessories, and other areas where women’s consumption is most concentrated.

In early 2015, Beast x launched its exclusive online brand “THE beast PETITE” and entered T-mall, becoming a high-end art and lifestyle e-commerce company. According to the Beast Petite online store, we can see that there are several different products for home fragrance. These include, scented candles, scented stones, and scented oils, and during Valentine’s Day, they also launched a scented gift box. A wide variety of choices, so that Chinese consumers are obsessed.

It is worth mentioning that during the time that Beast was in T-mall, Beast had a whopping 3.71 million fans on Jindong, which shows that a simple Beast aromatherapy sale was purchased by over 10,000 people. This also shows that China is experiencing a new consumer upgrade, and Beast’s new retail has become the key to winning in China for home fragrance.

Vant Kevin: The Best-Selling Scented Stones

Vant Kevin, another prominent representative of home fragrance scents, is also present in the Jindong online store, and they mainly focus on the price line of the people.

In the product segment, crystal stone is a special presence. The small bottle will have a natural crystal stone, the essential oil will drop on the stone, they will emit a light aroma, the cup base has a LED light, will emit a slight light at the same time the aroma. This product is an innovation in the home fragrance range.

Vant Kevin’s store fans now number 20,000, but almost all home fragrance products have an average sale of more than 2,000 people and more than 7,000 reviews of purchases, netizens have commented; “The aroma is fresh, suitable for summer, especially suitable for gifts.”

How to Sell Home Fragrance in China?

1. Distributors

It is also important to find the right distributors in China. The first requirement is that the fragrance brand must have a good online reputation and high visibility on the Internet in order to convince Chinese people to buy your products. And choose your local Chinese distributor carefully, if your brand and products are profitable then you have a good chance of getting a good deal. Our marketing agency can help you find one or more Chinese distributors.

2. Tmall stores

Researching the above home fragrance brands that are high sellers in China, it is essential to find a presence in T-mall store. T-mall is one of the most important e-commerce platforms in China, and if a fragrance brand is on T-mall, it can guarantee a high traffic of users, which in turn will increase product sales. T-mall often carries out a variety of colourful activities to attract customers, and provides good after-sales service and strong technical support, making it easier for T-mall merchants to operate.

3. Little Red Books tore

Little Red Book is a unique “grass growing” platform in China, like instagrame. Many women will share their lifestyle on the platform, which has invariably tapped many potential customers. We just need to set up a brand account on Little Red Book, regularly post the advantages of home fragrances, the brand’s culture and even a lottery, and finally put a link to the “Little Red Book Store” for sale, which will naturally gain a group of loyal fans in Little Red Book.

4. Chinese website + Baidu SEO

As by far the most popular search engine in China, Baidu is the one step you can’t skip when doing business in China. Having a Chinese website for your fragrance brand on Baidu is the first step, this will give Chinese people direct access to your brand, history, and access to your online store. Secondly, getting high rankings on Baidu is the key to entering the Chinese digital market, and with the proper techniques needed to get noticed, you will see a steady and significant rise in rankings. Keep it simple by following the basic rules listed above and you will gain popularity in the Baidu search engine, and the higher the ranking the greater the likelihood that your brand will be visible to Chinese customers.

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