How to Reach Out To Haute Couture Show Enthusiastic in China

It is often said that fashion shows are an event for fashion people, which are unreachable and unapproachable. In New York, London, Milan, and Paris fashion week shows, there are always a lot of celebrities, artists, and fashion buyers to be seen. In recent years, the Chinese fashion industry has burgeoned, and the Chinese audience has become one of the main targets of fashion shows.

What exactly is an haute couture show?

Haute Couture, which originated in France, is a high-end design by top designers and is a representative of “high society”.

Almost no one can afford to pay for “disposable products”, the customer base is limited to a very narrow circle of wealthy people, and couture dresses home of astonishingly high.

Haute couture is to let the model wear high fashion, on the runway to showcase the designer’s work, and different runway styles to present fashion.

As Valentino’s creative director Piccioli said,

“Haute couture used to be for the few. Thanks to several initiatives, I hope my brand has contributed to an increasingly clear idea that [haute couture] is relevant to a wider culture that welcomes everyone to enjoy the beauty in any way possible.”

In China, the fashion industry is developing slowly compared to Western countries, but the rapid development in recent years has also fostered a large Chinese audience with a love of fashion and a high level of aesthetics. Therefore, haute couture, in China, how to open the market and expand the customer base, is something worth thinking about.

Open online live show

Online platforms such as Weibo DouYin have a great influence in China, and luxury brands that choose to be present and start a conversation can, I believe, quickly increase the exposure of a premium luxury brand or high fashion show.

On DouYin, there is a special fashion column “Dou Fashion Week”, and the video collection has received more than 800,000 plays in total. The topic “Online Fashion Week” has also received a total of 339,000 views. A lot of Italian luxury goods are on DouYin, for example, Valentino, you can see that the #ValentinoFall/Winter 2022 fashion show has a total of 12,822,000 plays, which is a good way to get Chinese viewers involved in the discussion of the fashion show.

WeChat: finding loyal customers

According to statistics, there are 107 luxury brands in China, 92% of which have official WeChat accounts. Those who use small programs or actively follow the public numbers of luxury brands, this part is most likely to have their own purchasing needs or are good at catching fashion messages. Therefore, we can

1. Publish targeted articles

Following accounts to get fashion information is a good way to quickly get information from customers to provide services.

In July 2022, Chanel released the full video of the 2022/23 Fall/Winter Haute Couture presentation on WeChat and clutched a series of articles on “The World of Haute Couture”, telling the design concept behind the new collection, showing the content of the collaboration between the model designer musicians and full of artistic atmosphere.

Encourage customers to like and subscribe, the content is in line with the Chinese audience’s taste.

2. Use short videos

WeChat has opened the video number model in recent years. Short videos can be a great way to attract a lot of attention from young fashion fans and are a new model for high fashion to connect with the audience.

Dior’s WeChat public number, video content alone has established several columns such as # Dior Workshop # Dior Jewelry # Dior and Art, and the high fashion section also clearly features videos of high fashion shows such as #2022 Spring/Summer Ready-to-wear #2022 Autumn/Winter Haute Couture.

These quality short video contents can be intuitive, catch the eye, and are undoubtedly a great way to expand the audience of fashion shows.

Overall, today’s luxury brands have opened a new beginning for haute couture, redefining it with humanism and inclusivity. With the future trends in China, Chinese social media will make a prominent contribution to gaining a larger audience for couture shows.

3. Use Media to give more resonance

You can relay press releases on the Chinese websites to give more audience to your Show.
Most of the Top Brands use it and maximize their Media exposure.

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