In Fashion, Branding is everything in China!

In Fashion, Branding is everything in China! 

When you are wearing clothes, you are actually wearing a brand, this brand will define your social status in the society.

So this is the reason why, branding is really important in the fashion sector. We will explain you the importance of this through several point.

Choose the right name for your brand

I bet that some of you may have think, why Chinese people always change the name of international brand? Reebok is “Rui Bu” in Chinese, meaning fast steps and Coca Cola is “Kele” which means fun, Carrefour is “Jia le fu” meaning “Happy Family”.

So for every brands, Chinese need to find a signification and to associate it with some of Chinese ideas and values.  

Then if you want to launch your fashion brand in China, you will have to find an equivalent in Chinese.

Social Media and e-reputation

Fashion brands have to be able to master social networks tools such as Weibo and Wechat.

Social medias landscape

One brand did a great social network campaign is Burberry.

Burberry’s Weibo account reached more than 1 million of followers with a designed platform and has succeed to maintain its luxury position with followers’ loyalty. If you want to know more about Burberry success in China, you can click here.

Burberry has maintained a Wechat account with efficient content catching user’s attention by updating relevant and interactive content. For example, for the 2016 Chinese New Year approaching, Burberry has developed an interactive tool allowing the WeChat user to swipe and unwrap the gift and send personalized e-card to contacts users.

Press and e-reputation is playing an important part in fashion industry. When Chinese customers want to compare or look for new trends and informations about a fashion brand, they will go check online on referent fashion online magazines. If you want to get you brand name in the fashion industry, you have to be aware of those websites below: and

Both website are really influent among Chinese’s fashion community. On you can see new tendencies and how celebrities are dressed up. You can find your own proper style get inspired by those fashion figures.


The website of Vogue is one of the referent website in high fashion industry. With the chief editor Angelica Cheung, the most influent woman in fashion who has succeed to attract and educate Chinese people to the fashion wave.

KOL impact on fashion industry

Talking about Fashion Brand, you have to talk about key leaders because it is a reference in fashion industry. From what kind and style of clothes celebrities wear, will have influence on Chinese fashion’s tastes.

For example, you have already probably seen this old style jacket called Bombers,  with an aviator style from the US Air Force Army which has quickly become the new trendy style among young people.

Here below you can see a picture of Liu Wen, a famous Chinese celebrity really influent un fashion industry, wearing this “Bombers jacket” and you can how it has impacted young Chinese fashion trendy style.

Liu Wen

iu Wen fashionVideo visual tool

 Why video is an efficient tool for promote your fashion brand?

Video is an excellent tool to get your fashion brand into customer’s brains. You can advertise your video in different ways, such as storytelling around your brand or fashion shows.

It will note the basic advertisement campaign that you can see on TV or Youku.

Here you have to attract people with efficient video content. Below you can see a video example of Burberry video campaign called Burberry Celebrates London in Shanghai divided into many chapters. The idea is to combine fashion show and storytelling.

Here the chapter 4 called Dancing Umbrellas

Brand Awarness leading to the trust 

The notoriety of your brand is everything in fashion industry because for Chinese people, what is linked to notoriety is trust. If your brand is well known, Chinese people will trust your brand and will be more willing to purchase your brand’s clothing.

It will be the last point for our explanation, in order to increase your brand notoriety, you have to build your e-reputation and brand awareness with tools already mentioned: a significant brand name for Chinese customers, e-reputation with online press relations and social network, engage KOL which will be a plus value for your brand and supporting with video tools. With all these tools you can build your notoriety and get the trust from your audience.



  • Branding is everything in China.

  • Paris Zhang

    Hello, do you think one bad campaign can ruin a brand’s branding? I don’t speak for luxury well-established brands but maybe for new brands and high-end?

  • Your brand is not your advertising, be CARREFULL. Your brand is not your logo. NO WAY

    Your brand is not your company name. You know that right ?

    Your brand is not your product. NO IT IS DIFFERENT

    Your brand may not be at all what you think it is.

    Your brand may not be what you intend for it to be.

    =>You do not own your brand, consumers DO.

  • Your brand is everything. Don’t think that just because you’re not Nike or Coke that you don’t have a brand. You ARE a brand.

  • That s so True, branding is everything in this society

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