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Online Reputation

We monitored and build you online reputation


Brand awareness and story telling that defines who your are

buzz campaigns

One time campaign to make the internet talk about you

Community managment

Engage with your audience and push it to spread the words

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Online reputation management

If you need peoples to talk about your brands, you also need to make sure it won't turn into an uncontrollable wildfire. It makes seems complicated but there are ways to monitor and control what is visible or not, SEO and PR being two of the most common tools used for Online reputation management. In the fashion industry, it is particularly important to get enough visibility but the backlashes can be violent. If you've looked into fashion websites reviews or the mailbox of your customer's service, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Branding and Buzz Campaigns

There is no needs to mention that you need to grow your brand awareness. It is true in the wast but even more in China. In China, almost no one will buy from random brands. Let me give you an example, brands on tmall are only good reliable brands, and even tho customers know that, online the famous brands make it. With the help of a buzz campaign, we can help you get visibility, the more visible you are, the more credible you are. The more people buy from you and talk positively about you, the more you'll sale.

Community Management

We were talking about customer service right above. One of the best ways to manage your online reputation to treat problems at the root. Solve customer's problems, answers their questions, communicate with them and encourage them to share your content, to talk about your on forums and social media. A good community manager will generate engagement.

IWOM - Frequently Asked Question

What does IWOM stands for?

It stands for Internet Word of mouth and refers to the talk around a topic and the way it spreads online.

Do I need Iwom in China fashion industry?

In the fashion industry, like in other industries in China, brand reputation is an important element to promote your products. However, a successful reputation isn’t about what the company says about itself, but what Chinese consumers say about the brand. The online community is a crucial factor for becoming viral and staying at the top. Viral marketing will increase your Internet word of mouth and thus boost your brand’s awareness.