K11: The Luxury Lifestyle Shopping Mall in China


If you traveled to Shanghai in China, you probably visited K11. This luxury mall is located on HuaiHai Lu, in the center of the Xintiandi district. With 3 floors underground and 6 floors above ground, the facility is offering 40,000m² of luxury stores, art galleries, and premium restaurants. A selective distribution is extremely important for luxury brands. If you are a CEO or a sales director, you need a place that can provide a volume of potential clients while keeping your exclusivity. The K11 luxury shopping mall was created with this objective.

If you want to discover their official communication, K11 website is available here

A Luxury Mall Covering 5 Tier-1 Cities in Mainland China

Established in Hong Kong, K11 expanded its business landscape to mainland China, in most first-tier cities. Today, K11 Mall has installation and doors in:

  • Shanghai
  • Wuhan
  • Tianjin
  • Shenyang
  • Guangzhou

In the previous years, the five K11 luxury shopping malls in Shanghai, Wuhan, Tianjin, Guangzhou, and Shenyang benefited from the recovery from the Covid pandemic and showed an average revenue growth rate of 35%. Among these K11 shopping malls, the Shanghai K11 had the best performance with a growth rate of 37%. Last year, the month-on-month growth rate of Shanghai K11 reached 22%.

Luxury x Lifestyle: The Secret to Success for K11

What made the K11 shopping malls different from their competitors is the unique concept of combining the luxury atmosphere with an artistic lifestyle. The core concept of K11 is to cross the border. They are not running K11 as a shopping mall, but more likely as a “Modern Urban Museum” showing the urban lifestyle of modern fashion art.

In K11, customers can go shopping in the top luxury boutiques from all over the world including Cartier, Panerai, Chloé, MaxMara, and many more. They combine luxury brands and niche brands to provide the best experience to their customers. Inside the mall, Chinese customers can also discover art pieces with rotation. This atmosphere benefits the brands with an increasing feeling of luxury and artistic approach, which boosts their sales and improves their brand reputation.

Get a Door in K11, Unlock your Sales Offline in Tier-1 Cities

K11 is currently looking for niche brands with strong potential in China. If you already have marketing and e-reputation in China or strong notoriety worldwide, you can enter the K11 luxury mall. Through the expertise and experience of the sales staff, and the quality of the brands represented, GMA has gained recognition among Chinese luxury malls and retailers. Contact us if you want to join K11

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