Kid’s Jewelry Market in China: Opportunities for Brands

kids jewelry market in China
kids jewelry market in China

5000 BC marks jewelry culture in China as one of, if not the oldest, in the world. Adorning social status and spiritual value, jewelry has always had a significant meaning to Chinese people both culturally and emotionally.

China’s kids’ jewelry market is constantly growing as incomes rise and cheaper metals become available. Some brands are beginning to produce modernized versions of traditional pieces to keep up with demand. The Chinese jewelry market is growing and more and more people want to spoil themselves and their family members with products from luxury jewelry brands.

kid's jewelry market in China

Kids’ jewelry traditions are on the change

Once there were only bracelets, gold rings, or stud earrings available on the market for kids and they were used to mark important life events like celebrating the child’s birthday, graduation, or another important milestone. It’s one of the very old Chinese traditions cultivated in Mainland China up to this day. But the children’s jewelry market has progressed a lot since its breakthrough.

Festive items still comprise a huge chunk of the market, but it is slowly growing more sophisticated. Nowadays, modern and trendy pieces in the Chinese jewelry market are appearing far more often than they were a couple of years ago.

Lucky bracelets for a healthy and happy life, for example, are becoming more and more popular in China’s jewelry market as they are often given to children as an amulet of good fortune, health, and blessing. What was once made with precious metals is now crafted in various materials like gold-plated silver, brass, or stainless steel that still represent a meaningful symbol but at a much lower cost. Platinum jewelry and metal jewelry are also gaining interest.

Chinese Children choose their own styles through social media and e-commerce apps

A change in Chinese consumers’ purchasing habits is what’s driving the demand for children’s jewelry. Although parents are still buying jewelry for their kids, online shopping has exposed them to more options, and now internet-savvy youngsters are choosing their own items with precision.

This new trend of children shopping for jewelry as a fun activity has contributed to the market’s growth and enabled China’s jewelry market to expand its limit beyond occasion-based gift-purchasing. It is easy to see why the children’s jewelry segment is evolving.

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China: The new generation Couture Kingdom

Children and young consumers are naturally attracted to bright and colorful items, which is evident in the popularity of lucky charms, earrings, and rings, among kids. While traditional pieces are still valued in the jewelry industry, tailored modern pieces with precious metal choices are the newly demanded pieces of the market.

Presented in a petite package cute and trendy items like keepsake newborn bracelets to charming earrings for pre-teens create a flourishing market for kid’s jewelry that shows no signs of slowing down.

kids jewelry market in China

There are opportunities for foreign brands and Mainland brands, as the domestic market is gaining more and more sophisticated customers looking to buy jewelry products for their kids.

Kids’ jewelry market in China: What are the latest trends in the market?

Mom and Baby matching sets

The latest trend in China’s jewelry market is Mom and Baby matching sets. Or even the designs made for the core family members. They could come in matching designs in different wear for family members—rings for fathers, gold jewelry for mothers, and matching bracelets for kids or babies.

Children love to emulate those they admire, so it’s no surprise that their jewelry choices often reflect the latest adult trends on the global market–maybe in a more fun way. The opposite is also becoming more common: Good designs marketed to children are often bought by adults.

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Everyday pieces vs special occasions

Another way jewelry brands can capitalize on these pieces is by ensuring the distinction between occasions and ‘any-time’ jewelry is apparent – double the opportunities, in other words.

More and more brands are creating collections by clearly distinguishing between occasions and everyday jewelry – in other words, they are smartly increasing their opportunities.

Not only has jewelry become an affordable way to show individual style, but it also makes for a special gift. Remembering to differentiate between special occasion pieces and everyday items can do wonders for brands.

Trendy pieces with White and Rose gold

For centuries, Chinese people have treasured gold jewelry, and this is still the case today. However, pre-teen children often see gold as old-fashioned and prefer white over yellowish gold jewelry. Younger girls especially demand the pink color gold–which is no surprise.

kids jewelry market in China

Key to succeed in the kid’s jewelry market in China: Social media presence

While customers still prefer to try on jewelry in specialty stores before making a purchase, the need for digital shopping is stronger than ever in the jewelry industry. By utilizing immersive technology, businesses can bond with customers and create new branding opportunities.

Realizing this, in the last few years, even before the pandemic hit, brands have been turning to digital solutions and giving huge importance to their social media platforms, which is especially important for foreign companies, that need to focus on branding and e-reputation to gain huge following and trust of younger consumers.

kids jewelry market in China - domestic jewelry brand

If brands want Chinese consumers to take an interest in their products, they should facilitate private live streamings or 3D product visualization. Creating an experience that moves from the offline world into the online one is key when trying to captivate tech-savvy buyers, who are crucial for any market’s future success.

Another good idea is also collaborating with Chinese parenting influencers. They have a huge fan base on their social media and can help you with gaining ground in first-, second-, or even third-tier cities, promoting longevity locks, diamond necklaces, gold bracelets, and other kids’ products to their audience.

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