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Lingerie & Underwear Distributors in China (Wholesalers, Retailers)

Last modified: December 21, 2020

We will explain how to find list of distributors & wholesalers in China for your lingerie & underwear brand in China. In this page, we will guide you and explain how lingerie & underwear market distribution work in China. Everything you must know about underwear & lingerie distributoion in China, including local distributors, retailers, online shops, and e-commerce guide. 

Discover the lingerie & underwear distribution market in China

China’s lingerie market which has the potential to become the biggest market in the world. It’s not a surprise that Chinese ladies have different tastes from European women. But you need to understand that Western fashion based styles will be THE style with the lingerie as outerwear trend growing in popularity internationally.Lingerie China

In China, the market for international brands tends to be largely centred on big cities ladies, this kind of consumers which is really embracing the rapid changes of the Chinese appetit for Western brands. Read more about the lingerie market trends in China.

How to develop your distribution network in China? 

We also tell you what brands must know about requierment before dealing with Chinese distributors. There are two main things to know about the lingerie & underwear market in China: legal requirements from distribution process and main fashion and consumers trends.

Get to know the 2020 underwear and lingerie market in China

China was a lingerie & underwear exporter and manufacturers and now it is changing. The consumers in China like to buy imported brands, or international design for lingerie. You have to study the lingerie and underwear market trends, the Chinese millennials and women consumer behavior trends, and the good and working strategies on the market.

The 1st requierement for your strategy is preparation 

  • Branding: have a good design, storytelling & brand image, easy to sell for Chinese retailers.
  • Reputation: have a good reputation online and offline, meaning have already people wanting to buy the product.
  • Social media: have media speaking about you though Chinese social media and PR campaigns.
  • Brand awareness: have conversion online talking about your brand and use KOLs to increase your influence. 

Then contact distributors & participate to events to establish your brand! 

To do so, there is a list of things to be sure you are following your path in the right way. The Chinese market is particular and beside of thinking about key points to think 360°, there is also a process to follow:

  1. Identify good distributors among the list of distributors
  2. Participate to one trade fair salons & exhibitions 
  3. Work on your introduction key sentences to say 
  4. Have a commercial team to keep contacting distributors 
  5. Show your ambition and a strong and clear marketing plan 
  6. Prepare deals, work on contracts and propositions
  7. Support your distributors with a strong marketing campaign

Lingerie Distribution China

Example of Distributors CEO of Limax Distribution Mr Liao.  

Other existing strategies to develop your own brand by yourself

  1. Develop your own store 
  2. Work on your branding 
  3. Develop a franchise chain

How to sell lingerie and underwear online: e-commerce in China

  1. We can help you to develop your online store (on Tmall, Taobao or Wechat Store. )
  2. Create amazing digital marketing campaign to bring traffic and awareness
  3. Mesurate results and optimise campaign according to precise data and KPIs

See our special offer to e-commerce business in China

We can help you with these different steps. GMA is a specialized digital marketing & e-commerce agency with more than 7 years of experience in China. With the right advice and support, each brand can succeed in China, no matter their target, goals and brand DNA. We have experience in each business field thanks to 300 successful brands’ case studies.

Case study about distribution of underwear & lingerie in China: Chaton Lingerie

We already worked with Chaton, a lingerie brand. After creating a storytelling and working on their reputation, they found 1 good distributor. Now Chaton is sold in 22 stores in China. Everywhere in China, and we got some conversation when we promoted the love story:

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  3. http://tt.mop.com/15252510.htmlhttp://bbs.ifeng.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=461
  4. http://bbs.lady.163.com/bbs/literature/536696800.html
  5. http://geren.club.sohu.com/80women/thread/35mqav3m5x1

You want to develop your distribution in China for your lingerie brand or undewear products?

Contact us or let us a comment, we will be happy to contact you back to organize a one-to-one meeting with our experts. We will discover your brand image, your brand DNA, your expectations and goals in China, and then we will study together your target and business history and strategy. Then, we will create a tailor-made 360° digital marketing strategy to fit your desires.

Read more about the lingerie market in China:

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