List of Fashion Accessories Distributors in China

The fashion accessories market has a growing potential in China. The Chinese Millennials and Generation Z are always looking for products and luxury purchases that could differentiate them. In the case of accessories, offline stores are used to drive more profits. Depending on your marketing strategy and your initial investment, you need to find a reliable distributor. In a word, these fashion accessories distributors in China will take care of the imports, storage, and delivery within China for you. You definitely need to find the best one!

Overview of Fashion Accessories in China

The fashion accessories market aims at incorporating jewelry, watches, bags, sunglasses, glasses, wallets, and handbags. For a long time, apparel accessories still remain a small contribution to the apparel market. The rise of Millennials and Generation Z among luxury shoppers change the dynamic of the market. Today, accessories are the new normal.

Key Figures of Luxury & Fashion Accessories

The market for fashion accessories is highly competitive. There is a wide range of products offered by both Chinese and international brands. On the famous forum blog Zhihu, international brands are more popular than Chinese brands. There is a real opportunity for international accessories brands as it is a recognition of professional success in Chinese society to wear international premium accessories. For instance, 70% of accessories queries on Zhihu concern recommendations on price, gender, and seasons. Chinese want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends!

In China, accessories sales are versatile. Obviously, the accessories market is facing stable growth, but depending on the products you will face peaks at certain periods.

What are the hot periods for fashion and luxury accessories?

  • Jewelry: In February for Valentine’s Day and October for Jewelry Fair
  • Sunglasses: In February for Spring preparation and August for Summer
  • Bags: In December and January for new launches and Chinese New Year
  • Watches: In January for Chinese New Year and have luck

In the fashion accessories market, female consumers are the main buyer. On average, 74% of accessories shoppers are women in China. For successful targeting advertising, you need to focus on women. They are more concerned about the quality, details, and small details while purchasing a fashion accessory. Among accessories, jewelry is the most popular segment. In 2017, China was the second-largest market in the world for jewelry.

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Millennials are Looking for International and Personalized Accessories

In China, accessories purchases are dominated by Chinese Millennials, the post-1980s, and 1990s generations. Millennials turn into bags or necklaces to expose their unique taste and fashion sensitivity. Indeed, the will for differentiation is among the most important concerns of the Chinese Millennials. In a wide country of 1.4 billion people, they are constantly looking for ways to feel unique and important.

So, personalization and customization are important for Chinese shoppers. They want to feel they have a unique connection with the brand and an original product that nobody could wear. For instance, the jewelry brand Pandora is having great success in China. The Chinese Millennials are in love with DIY bracelets including charms to match their personalities.

Offline Stores Drive More Sales for Accessories

Now that you have a full picture of the Chinese consumer specificities you can understand the importance of an accessories distributor in China, right? Because Chinese shoppers want a unique service.

In China, Millennials used to mix online and offline in their purchasing journey. Especially for accessories, they love to find information online and buy the product offline. For instance, distribution accounted for 52% of jewelry sales in China in 2017 followed by private studios, online stores, and overseas purchases. Chinese accessories shoppers prefer to buy in-store to benefit from a professional service and customized recommendations.

Fashion Accessories Distributors List in China

Depending on your accessories, you need to find a reliable distributor that will highlight your products. For that, you need to work with Chinese who know best the pros and cons of working with each distributor on whether you sell jewelry, wallets, or sunglasses.

You can find below the main accessories distributors in China:

How to Work with These Distributors in China?

If you need to find a fashion accessories distributor in China, you need to build your e-reputation first. It is very easy to talk to a distributor in China. If you participate in Fair Trade you will meet thousands of distributors and obtain between 200 and 300 professional cards. But being interested in your accessories does not actually mean they will sell them.  

If you want to convince a distributor to sell your luxury or fashion accessories in China you need to:

  1. Create a Chinese website
  2. Improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Baidu
  3. Have a WeChat and Weibo account with attractive and clear content in Chinese
  4. Increase your brand awareness thanks to social media and public relations (PR)
  5. Generate product reviews on Zhihu and sales on the C2C platform Taobao

Case Study: Les Georgettes’ Accessories Success Story in China

Les Georgettes worked closely with GMA to increase their brand awareness and find distributors in China. After a strong marketing strategy including social media (WeChat and Weibo), KOLs, and PR, the accessories brand Les Georgettes succeeded in finding among the greatest accessories distributors in China.

If you need to remember only one thing about distributors in China: they are interested in sales, not brands. Indeed, you need to prove to them you have attractive accessories that the Chinese are looking for and that could generate high profits and revenues.

Start to work on your e-reputation to find the perfect distributor

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