Little Red Book is soo useful for fashion Brands in China in 2024, here is why

  1. Little red book (or Xiaohongshu) became one of the best social media app in China for fashion brands in 2024
  2. It is the symbol of lifestyle and success for female consumers.
  3. It is the same kind of Application as instagram, based on Stories and Pictures sharing, and recently 2024 videos. 
  4. It is now a powerful marketing APP in China, especially for businesses in fashion .

Fashion brands can leverage this magic APP by engaging with Chinese female consumer and generate user-generated content related to their products, thereby increasing brand visibility and credibility.

In Fashion in China, RED is EVERYTHING 

Why ALL fashion brands in China use RED (xiaohongshu) 

  • Audience : Fashion Consumers: Little Red Book has a large user base that is predominantly young, urban, and highly interested in fashion and lifestyle trends. This demographic is ideal for fashion brands looking to target consumers who are not only interested in fashion but are also willing to spend on new trends and quality products.

  • User-Generated Content and Community Engagement: The platform encourages user-generated content, such as product reviews, style sharing, and fashion tips. This type of content fosters a strong community and trust among users.

  • KOL Marketing: Little Red Book is a hub for KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and influencers who have significant sway over consumer preferences and trends. Collaborating with these influencers can provide fashion brands with a powerful channel to reach potential customers, showcase their products, and build brand awareness in an authentic and relatable manner.

  • E-Commerce aka RED Commerce: The platform seamlessly integrates social media and e-commerce functionalities. Users can discover products through posts and reviews and then easily purchase them within the app. This crazy shopping experience is beneficial for fashion brands and client. Smart : It reduces the steps between product discovery and purchase, increasing sales conversions with emotional purchases

  • Trends & Reviews: Little Red Book offers valuable insights into the latest fashion trends and consumer preferences in the Chinese market. Fashion consumers use to check review and Businesses to inform their product development, marketing strategies, and content creation, ensuring that they remain relevant and appealing to their target audience.

What is Xiaohongshu – Little RED Book ?

Xiaohongshu was created in 2013 by Charwlin Mao. It is a Chinese start-up which is linked closely to e-commerce’s activities. The platform provides a lot of shopping tips and advice, promotional offers and the possibility to buy products.

website :

Xiaohongshu gets a rapid development these years. The app already has more than 200 million active users.

We can find different categories on it, concerning foods, travel, fashion, technology, wedding stuff, pet … this app talks almost about anything. The most popular sections are about beauty products and ready-to-wear.

2024, Little Red Book Datas

2024, Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu) has made a significant impact with notable statistics:

  1. The platform has amassed 200 million active users monthly.
  2. A substantial 72% of these users were born in the 1990s.
  3.  43 million content creators.
  4. Over half of its users are from Tier 1 or Tier 2 cities in China.
  5. Male active users have increased to 30%
  6. In 2023, users generated about 360 million notes.
  7. A notable 40% of users actively search for products or topics of interest.
  8. About 37% visit the platform to read user reviews after gaining interest in a product.
  9. Xiaohongshu is used by 36% of users to understand current trends.
  10. Around 33% of users look for inspiration on the platform.

The simplicity of the APP 

The principle of Little Red Book is simple. Follow, check , pos, share

Little Red book create  partnership with foreign fashion & luxury brands, mainly from the United States, Korea, Europe and Japan and then markets them on the Chinese territory.

Users represent the “power” of RED-Xiaohongshu

  • Main users are female consumers, who are seeking for the new trend in fashion. 
  • Live in Big city  
  • Have purchase power 
  • Fashionable , like to be pretty 

Their average age is 18 to 35.  As the platform is also a community, users are also bloggers. They have their own profile page, can create posts and get followers. The sense of community on this application and the product recommendations from a trusted person boost product sales.

How can Red Xiaohongshu be useful to brands?

Consumers rely on RED Xiaohongshu reviews

In fact, consumers rely on other consumers. The platform is based on the user’s sharing and experience. They give feedback, advice, and attach images so other customers can feel more relieved. For example, on Little red book, there are topics wrote about how to difference counterfeit products from authentic products.

lululemon on Red 

in China, consumers are more attentive to review when purchasing. They rely more on what they heard than what brands are saying.

To have a presence on Red can allow a new brand to be more easily accept. Xiaohongshu is like a new and relevant promotion way.

Xiaohongshu- and The Middle Class 

The increasing of the Chinese middle-class is also bringing the development of new expectations and behaviors in the domestic market.

RED = Symbole of Quality of life

They often have a similar taste about the quality of life and products. We saw that Xiaohongshu creates a community of trust, and it is also often sharing the same ideas. Brand or products can become very hot in a short time through the power of sharing and trend.

Useful to introduce products to customers


If to face sellers in shops isn’t convenient for all people, to get information through the internet is easier. Besides to attach pictures, authors of posts often put additional information such as prices, the way or the place to buy the products, and the different product size or variety.

Xiaohongshu allow Brands to build a community

By giving tips and providing useful contents, Xiaohongshu is keeping its users on its platform every day.

Little Red book analyzes the data of its subscribers so it can deliver customized content according to their tastes and expectations. The application keeps developing this group cohesion by strengthening the community feeling of individuals.

Partnership with KOLs boosts your brand reputation

To partner with some hot users on Xiaohongshu can help your brand gain reputation.

They can also ensure the interactions with your target consumers. In the luxury market especially, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) play an important role in brand strategy.

In China, celebrities and public influencers have always been a real marketing tool.  They influence and represent brands in their community of followers.

Join the trend of the RED-commerce in China

For a lot of countries, to buy through the internet is not a relevant way because of the security system, the delivery time, or just the preference to go to physical shops. In China, Chinese customers are used nowadays to search for information online to ensure the value of their purchase. The delivery service is so fast that buying online is even more convenient than going to shops.

Digital is constantly evolving in our environment and particularly in China. With over 800 million internet users, China is a market where there are tremendous development opportunities. Little Red Book has understood it.

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Why Little Red Book App is a Great E-Commerce Tool in China?

Of course, it is not the only one. To go further, you can also take a look on Tmall and They are the two most popular e-commerce platforms in China, well-known for selling good quality products and authentic imported products.

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