Horse trends we expect at Longines Masters Hong-Kong 2018

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The Longines Masters of Hong Kong is one step of the three prestigious Grand Slam Indoor of Show Jumping, probably the world’s most prestigious equestrian competition sponsored by Longines. This trial brings together the best horses and riders on our planet for events combining fashion and technical performances. Let’s get back to the horse trends from autumn-winter 2018 for this occasion.


Autumn-winter 2018 horse trends


saddle carpetExit the basic saddle carpets: new saddle carpets from brands Paddock and Equithème make it more breathable and designed a sport shape. More elaborate, the brand Le Mieux launches its hype saddle carpet: the carpet’s wither will let more space to optimize the horse’s comfort and on adds an outgrowth lengthened for the stirrup leather, ideal for long legs riders! The Swedish brand HV Polo particularly concerned about the edging’s detail.

flower saddle carpetSince three seasons, flowery prints in pastel shades do not decay; Cavallino Marino’s saddle carpets from HKM range and the very sumptuous satined Flower and Tomy 2.0 from Subscribe Equestrian sell out.



This winter we find purple and burgundy shades in the equipment, but also dust pink and petrol blue. Are we also gonna see purple ride jackets at the Longines Masters in Hong Kong this year? All trends are not reaching the very select sphere of international 5 * jumping. However, it is likely that the second-skin pants, with silicone to strengthen the seat, rather seduce our professionals.



Modern riders looking for technology


stirrups trendFor stirrups, riders expectations are nothing else than ultra-modernity. The New Generation stirrups feature a large sole with a shock absorber pad and extra-grip, plus a swivel head for more flexibility and a safety clip in case of fall. Forget about the classic metal stirrup: new stirrups are made of aluminum or others composite materials.

Modern helmets have nothing to deal with the traditional rider bomb. Champion prototype can be found in GPA’s Redline range for a reinforced fiberglass shell, with inside ventilation and antibacterial treatment, or at Lamborghini Professional Riding Equipment with the custom-made GP1 carbon fiber helmet for its ultra lightness. The minimum budget of these technological wonders? 600 € at the very least, as safety is priceless… just like the optimized horse’s tracking during training, now possible with mobile app.



Riding 2.0: When Smartphone jump in the saddle


The most fascinating concepts are part of the new range of high-tech accessories, made possible by the use of the trendiest Smartphone on the market and mobile app.

helmet fashionCambox Horse offers an onboard camera to attach to its helmet: the Cambox Isis is design and its choice of colors can adapt to riding outfit.

The Orscana sensor connects to the horse’s cover and informs its owner by mobile app about the state and mood of his horse during his absence: feeling too hot or too cold in his stable, does it feel calm or restless? The sensor does not yet propose to act in our place to resolve the situation, but that technological progress is there.

Bluffing, but maybe not as much as Horsecom’s connected ear net : for any rider with a Smartphone, it’s now possible to stream music to his horse or talk to him via a microphone attached to his headset. This equine music therapy sells for 800 €. We are waiting for the first concerned horses feedback!

Finally, the Equisens Motion sensor attaches to the saddle strap: once again connected to its Smartphone, it allows to analyze the regularity of the horse at work, its ability to recover as well as all  technical data such as symmetry and the rhythm. A valuable tool for riders training solo that can quickly identify any physical problem of their horse.


Which exhibitors attend to the Prestige Village?


Longines Masters

The selection of exhibitors was revealed well in advance: the Prestige Village of the Longines Masters of Hong Kong gathers as usual prestigious brands of equestrian equipment. It frames the warm-up paddock and paces the competition with multiple hype events.

The Longines Masters are a social gathering conducive to luxury shopping. The public expects absolute elitism in terms of horse outfits and it will not be disappointed, with the presence of Maserati, a now recognized supplier for its polo clothing, the official Longines shop, Hermes Saddle and GPA Premium for its 4S pro helmets. We can also count on the presence of Aromatherapy Associates, a London brand of essential oils for skin care, and Harcour for its frenchy fashionable and so elegant equestrian outfits. Because any victory needs a champagne celebration, Champagne Barons de Rothschild stand will be held at the event; the Rothschild name has long been associated with high level riding.



What you should remember for your business in China


horse outfits


More and more brands choose to diversify their activities and join the world of high-level equestrian sport, such as Lamborghini and Maserati car brands that now produce helmets and polo outfits. Horse riding is associated with smart and stylish, flattering association that Hermes, Gucci, Longines and Rolex have understood for a long time being the first sponsors of this industry.

From now on, a brand selling horse products that wish more visibility must show on equestrian events in China. Appearing in the international competitions from Shanghai and Hong-Kong becomes as unavoidable as to hold one’s stand in Paris and Los Angeles.


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