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Louis Vuitton, the new farouvite middle-class’ brand for Chinese

Last modified: April 15, 2016

Louis Vuitton, more accessible for the Chinese middle-class

Louis Vuitton and china

Nowadays, many foreign luxury brands penetrated the Chinese market and succeeded in taking up the challenge. Indeed, China is the new companies’ target especially because the country represents billion of new customers.

In addition, Chinese consumers are more and more attracted by the luxury brands and the rate is still increasing. Then, China’s market have known an important economy’s growth for the last years which involved a Chinese’s purchasing power’s rising up. Actually, the standard of living rising was noticed and middle class became the “Bling Dynasty” in China.

Louis Vuitton, the famous French Luxury Brand, has seen it audience change. The big brand is used to attract rich consumers who bought their bags when they were young and kept it for the ten following years.

Louis Vuitton met a big success in Japan in 2003 and began to attract Chinese consumers in the same time. Today, Japanese are less interested in buying these luxury goods and by Chinese which are totally fond of the brand. The brand’s popularity explodes within the middle classe which takes away the higher class from it.

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Difference between both consumers ?

Japanese customers buy luxury goods in order to line up to their community although Chinese ones want to be higher than others. Showing their luxury spendings prove they are superior because they look rich.

Therefore, minds are changing. Indeed, luxury products became accessible for middle-class’ consumers and rich ones don’t want to buy Louis Vuitton anymore. They say this is a brand for secretaries. Actually, nowadays, we meet Louis Vuitton bags everywhere. The brand is too ordinary and rich Chinese expect from more originality.

That’s why they prefere buying Chanel or Dior goods which are seen more anthentic and rare.This reputation’s decreasing of the Louis Vuitton brands is also due to it contrefeit handbags especially in China but all around the World too.


Chinese consumers want to buy abroad

louis vuitton handbag

While luxury brands are located in China, prices they propose are higher than other countries. That’s why, Chinese customers travel in order to buy the luxury goods. Thus, they consider it smarter to buy its in the original country.

Consequently, brands’ sales are less efficient in China and companies have to adapt their prices to be more competitive on the World’s market. They need to find a way so that attract the Chinese consumers to buy in their own country.

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  1. Hello, thank you for this interesting reading, I recognized myself in it as a middle-class Louis Vuitton fan ahah, do you think the brand targets voluntarily middle classes consumers?

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