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Louis Vuitton goes in the art documentary

Last modified: March 8, 2016

Louis Vuitton sponsored a Chinese documentary with key stars figures in arts

Art and Fashion

Arts and fashion

Louis Vuitton is a brand that often combine arts and fashion. They have partnerships with many artists all around the world and that allow them to use their artistic work in their collections or advertisements. The involvement of that luxury brand in art is also showed by the opening of the “Louis Vuitton Foundation”, an art museum opened outside of Paris in 2014, which is increasingly known in the art environment.

Online presence

Louis vuitton online

Photo credit: Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has to reinforce his online presence to face the increasing numbers of online shoppers in China, because as many luxury fashion houses over there, the brand closed many brick-and-mortar shops last year and may close even more in the coming year.

Here there is an interesting article about Louis Vuitton in China: here.

The documentary

Directed by Lixin Fan, which is known for his documentaries about social issues in China, the five-part documentary series called “Journey of a Muse” in Chinese and “Craft a Destiny” in English was released on China’s CCTV9, and can now be seen on the Louis Vuitton’s interactive WeChat and on the Chinese video streaming service, Youku. The presence on WeChat is really important for the luxury brand in China, you can have further information in this interesting article. Many western companies make huge mistakes on Chinese social media and it can have a strong impact on the companies results. Here are 6 common mistakes western brands make on Chinese social media.

Louis vuitton

The documentary follows a different woman on the road to self-discovery, which has strong different activities including supermodel, author, contemporary artists, musician and pioneer in the Chinese fashion industry. Many of these ladies have been involved with Louis Vuitton, as Yayoi Kusama which collaborates with the brand in 2012 into a playful ready-to-wear collection, Karen Blixen which has always brought her Louis Vuitton’s luggage on her iconic journey, and Liu Wen, which as modelled for the brand in multiple occasions.

The documentary more precisely follows:

The Chinese supermodel Liu Wen; the Danish author Karen Blixen; the Japanese contemporary artist and writer Yayoi Kusama; another contemporary artist the musician Dadawa; and finally the pioneer in the Chinese fashion industry Song Huaigui.

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