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Web Design

Beautifull website optimized for Baidu and Chinese consumers


Rank high on Baidu with great content, Pr, backlink, etc

Social Media

Get an official voice with Chinese Social Media, we help you register and manage your official account

eMarketing Campaigns

There are many ways to market yourself online in China, let us guide through it

Oline reputation management

We monitor what is being said and make sure only the positive stuff rank high


We help you register on the platform of your choice, design and manage your store.

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Web design

The importance of a user's oriented design website (UX) is often underrated. In China or everywhere else, understanding the needs and habits of your visitors is crucial to increase your conversion rate and reduce your bounce rate. China has its own characteristics for websites both in the design and technical areas. Since Google is blocked, your website will have to be developed with tools compatible with Baidu. Secondly, in order to have a chance to rank high in Baidu, it will have to be in Chinese mandarin hosted in China, Singapore or hong-kong. To get a .cn URL, you'll need an ICP license, which we can help with.


SEO and SEM despite the rise of social media are still relevant in China. People still use Baidu to look for information about brands. In order for your website to rank other than the technicals aspect, you'll need regular original content in mandarin, press release and backlink. The more often your website will be mentioned the better. The older your website gets, the more authority it will get. How do we proceed? With your help, we choose a couple of keywords to focus on in order for them to rank. To speed up the process and give your new website the visibility it needs, some Baidu paid ads can be helpful. We can help you register and manage your Baidu ads manager.

Social Media

95% of Chinese internet users are on social media. Social media brand accounts have become norm. It is so mainstream that a brand with no social media presence can look sketchy. We use social media to work on your online reputation, to build a community around your brand and push this community to engage with you. Social media are also the perfect ground for Kols marketing. Kols marketing is pretty much unavoidable when trying to win the heart of Chinese consumers. Not only working with Kol give you visibility but also credibility.

Oline reputation management

Internet word of mouth used to be a big thing in the marketing world. ORM is just the step further of this process. Instead of letting the content generated by users going freely on the internet we monitor it. We make certain that the positive reviews and mentioned rank high on Baidu whereas the negative stuff gets lost somewhere on page 3 of Baidu results. The use of forums, q&a, and PR is a great part of the ORM. Most importantly, community management and customers services should as much as possible solves problems at the root, prevent bad reviews while encouraging the good one to find their way on Chinese social media, forums, etc


For a lot of you, the Chinese eCommerce landscape is blurry. You have all heard that Tmall is the biggest Chinese eCommerce platform but you have no idea how to have your own store on Tmall. Well, we can help you register, if you fulfill Tmall requirement to enter their platform. Otherwise, no worries, there is plenty of cheaper eCommerce platform with great marketing tools and millions of customers. We will guide you through it, help you register and promote your store.

Is sport and working out popular in China?

As wages are increasing and the Chinese government looking into solving obesity, Chinese peoples are looking into new solutions to keep themselves healthy and fit. In big-city commercial gym as well as specialized are popping out offering a great choice of activity to the locals.

What are china favorite sports?

Basketball and Football are very popular among the young generation. That is not a coincidence if NBA regularly organize game in China, there is a huge demand for it. Football is also becoming increasingly popular and the demands for talents as well.