Men’s Jewelry Market in China is on the Rise, Bolder than Ever

Men’s jewelry Market in China
Men’s jewelry Market in China

In the past ten years, a growing trend among men is taking pride in their appearance. This might manifest as trying new hair products or making different clothing choices but has extended to accessories, particularly jewelry.

When it comes to the market, numerous data and sales from the past years show that men’s jewelry is a growing market that should not go unnoticed. In this article, we will discuss market insights and trends on the male jewelry market and see the opportunities for foreign companies to tapp into this target group.

Chinese Jewelry Market Overview

According to our experts, Chinese jewelry market is the most promising one in the next 8 years. According to Statista, the Chinese jewelry market value has reached 795 billion CNY in 2022 and will increase to 865 billion CNY by 2026.

As you can see below, the Covid-19 impact wasn’t big, in comparison to other industries.

When it comes to Chinese customers of jewelry, although before jewelry in China was reserved only for special occasions. People from Chinese culture used to buy diamonds, silver or gold jewelry only as gifts, but now, with the increase in income of younger generations, the situation is changing.

In fact, 55% of jewelry customers are aged 25-34 years old while 36% of customers are aged 35-44 years old. This means Chinese Gen Z and Millenians represent 91% of jewelry consumers in China.

But today we focus on the smaller part which is male jewelry market in China, as Chinese male consumers are becoming more and more interested in upgrading men’s fashion by adding fine jewelry pieces.

Bolder styles for men’s jewelry

For generations, men have only ever felt comfortable wearing two types of jewelry: their beloved wedding rings and watches.

Today, there is a far richer and more inclusive collection of styles for men to choose from. They include millennial-driven braided leather, sophisticated yet retro gold or rapper chains, and fun dog tag pendants with just the right amount of bling. Men buy tie clips, belt buckles, gothic rings, or diamond rings that they want to copy from male Chinese pop stars.

Men’s jewelry Market in China

Men’s jewelry styles have come a long way in recent years, offering a much more diverse and inclusive range of jewelry, offering adventurous male styles. Driven by Millenials and Gen Z, today’s jewelry fashion for men has become much more broadened. Sophisticated but not too flashy gold chains, retro leather bracelets, pendants, elegant silver rings or diamond jewelry. There is an accessible spectrum of styles to choose from.

Men’s jewelry Market in China

The covid-19 effect

With the pandemic forcing nearly everyone to stay home, Chinese men all began leaning towards a more casual lifestyle. To help satisfy this newfound casual Friday attitude, brands started to design more versatile looks to follow the trend.

Given that most Chinese consumers had to cancel their holidays, birthday celebrations, parties, and even weddings due to the pandemic, they all have accrued extra cash that they are eager to spend.

Sophisticated jewelry designs can serve Chinese consumers who are feeling the Covid-19 blues to indulge themselves and celebrate life again.

On the Chinese market, jewelry is not just for women anymore

With Chinese men becoming increasingly consumeristic and image-conscious, they are spending more money than ever before, both to satisfy themselves and as a way of expression.  

Gone are the days when the majority of marketing was directed toward women; today, more and more Chinese men see jewelry not only as an investment in themselves but also as a way to make a statement with the pieces they wear.

While some pieces may represent style or freedom, others can symbolize something such as significant status and power.

Male diamond jewelry

Chinese men prefer diamond jewelry and wear unisex jewels signals

Buying diamonds oneself for self-expression is popular among Chinese women, but what makes the China’s diamond market unique is that male consumers are also interested in such purchases.

An increasing number of Chinese men are shirking conventionally masculine jewelry in favor of unisex diamond jewelry. The gender fluid trend is being largely driven by young & glamorous celebrities who are breaking the stereotypes of men’s image with less masculine styles. They don’t only purchase women’s jewelry, but also find some unique pieces for themselves.

It’s now common for younger generations of Chinese men to see their favorite male celebrities wearing necklaces, rings, and other dressy jewelry. While the desire to wear unisex jewelry might be due to a search for better male style upgrades, it is also about the fact that more and more Chinese pop stars are appearing on screens with fashionable pieces (usually custom made jewelry). This helps Chinese customers become more accounted for with different styles worn by men.

diamond sales case study

How foreign jewelry brands can succeed in the Chinese men’s jewelry market?

China’s young generation is constantly evolving and their desire for tailored men’s jewelry continues to grow, brands have to re-design the male jewelry genre. Open to new experiences, young and enthusiastic Chinese men demand the same range of options in jewelry that women have.

At present, with such limited options, the majority of Chinese men purchase jewelry from female-focused design collections. Seeing the opportunity, brands that are quick to adapt will be the most successful.

High-end brands eying the opportunity: Bvlgari, Tiffany & Co, Cartier, Louis Vuitton

Many high-end brands have started to feature Chinese celebrities in their adverts, targeting the market for the unisex usage of their most popular and iconic pieces.

Bvlgari, who has over two million followers on Weibo, has chosen Chinese actor Yang Yang as its latest spokesperson. Yang Yang is the main actor in China’s most popular drama of the year, called “You Are My Glory”. In doing so, Bvlgari can utilize Yang’s Hollywood-esque fame to bring more awareness to the company. With 60 million devoted fans, this seemed like a lucrative move for both parties involved.

Men’s jewelry Market in China

But Bvlgari is not the only one in China to see this opportunity. Cartier has even appointed Jackson Wang as an ambassador for its Pasha de Cartier campaign to increase engagement and market share in jewelry in China.

Men’s jewelry - Cartier

The world-renowned jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. on the other hand announced that Chinese sensation Jackson Yee is their global ambassador. The choice was driven by the fact that Jackson embodies the values of the brand with his unique style and artistic expression, while also having a huge fanbase in China and internationally.

Men’s jewelry - Tiffany diamond jewelry

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