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The Menswear market is booming in China

Last modified: January 18, 2017

The Menswear industry has a great expansion. The way for man to dress has evolved, they do a lot more attention to their appearance for most of them. Since 2011, according to Bain & Co, sales in ready-to-wear men doubled compared to sales of women. Euromonitor predicts that the ready-to-wear industry will reach $ 110 billion in 2019. That would be up 36% compared to 2014.

Menswear Market in China ! 

Large clothing brands which were rather focused on ready-to-wear for women began to open exclusively men shops. While department stores are trying to reorganize their men’s section. We are seeing this trend as in the luxury brands like Burberry than mass brands like Zara.

The evolution of men’s fashion lies not only in metrosexual. In reality, there has been for many years a change in the definition of masculinity as well as femininity.


The New generation of Chinese Men ! 

The new generation is more fluid and this can be felt in the way of dressing of each person.
Both gender will buy products they like without worrying necessarily if the product is specifically for men or women.




People have less fixed ideas than before, the barrier between the sexes is lifted.

Men industryBrands such as Rick Owens, Thom Browne, J.W.Andeson, Celine encourage people to be more open in their style, experience new things.

Today, there are no more specific brands for the woman or to man, both can wear everything.

Miuccia Prada agrees: “Every time I prepare a show for man, I often think that this collection would be fantastic for women, or at least for me.

This release in the minds of both sexes allows greater creativity in both clothing collections for women than men.

With many social networks in place, the trend is to use the keywords in the form of “hashtag”.

#Menswear Became a phenomenon on social networks, people worldwide can learn different styles of personalities, celebrities, magazines, brands, consumers and always stay in fashion today, adding a personal touch.

Men fashion

New Fashion Trends

A new phenomenon called Yuppies, who were originally from young urban professionals of another era. Now what is called Yuppies are young men in casual and class style at the same time. They no longer wear suits to work every day. They will have a particular style, always chic but casual at the same time with their skinny jeans (tight jeans) Balmain, fitted blazers, Margiela shirts and a pair of Nike limited edition. This new style shows the desire of men to be different, to be more creative: the Dandy today.

The industry of ready-to-wear is no longer a trend but a lifestyle. This new way of life is based on the look, our look reflects our personality. This lifestyle leads to a constant strong demand for new products.

The industry of ready-to-wear also experiencing strong growth thanks to the Internet. Indeed, brands can reach customers more easily through social networks.

Balmain Paris

Go Digital in China

Internet is a constant stream of entertainment that mixes fashion, food, wellness, sports, music, reality TV and travel. Internet users transformed into global icons of men’s clothing. Think of these Cyber celebrities David Beckham, Kanye West, Daniel Craig, Jay Z, Bradley Cooper, James Franco is the best way for consumers to identify with these personalities and want to dress like them.


A brand with a distinctive concept of lifestyle, reflects both the menswear and womenswear is more likely to attract the creative class and increase its profits. In particular, Chinese consumers love novelty and seeks to distinguish a particular style. By offering new opportunities to dress, Chinese consumers will jump on your brand.


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