The New Digital Age of Luxury in China

Western luxury brands established in China are not enough known in the market, so there is more techniques to try for having a part of the Chinese market.

Chinese Luxury Buyers are Changing.

Please check these 3 videos to understand this New Generation of Millennials in Chia

 the E-Commerce platform created a new service called “white glove “ to adapt of this type of industry and responding to Chinese needs in the same time.

The E-Commerce platforms

The company declared that it will start offering a new way of delivery service, so couriers will definitely wear suits and white gloves, and bring the command in electric cars.

Knowing that in China the circulation is full by scooters so delivering depends on it (around 1.2 million deliveries by scooters).

This new delivery service of JD, has already starts in shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, and has also the ambition to broaden its services in all over the country.

The company understood that in the luxury’s sector, rivals are less so there is so much opportunities to take!

It started by this new delivery experience, and it will continue to improve to respond to special customers needs, it will break barriers between offline and online luxury experiences.

There are some of brands that expend their sales in the Chinese market , but they still need to be more  friendly with Chinese customers needs, so they cannot for example deliver on 2 days  only if they collaborate with an e-commerce platform.

So the white glove service is reserved to small purchases, such as jewelry and watches, respecting the 2 days delivery. Luxury fashion will also join this kind of service later this year.

The New Digital Age of Luxury in China has the ambition to expand its services in all over the world, to diversify offering products by bringing UK brands to China in order to satisfy the Chinese consumer’s needs with a high value-added quality

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