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Our Online Reputation Management services

Online reputation Management

Shape your online reputation by controlling what is being said.

Community management

Engage with your customers, entertain them, solves their problems, etc


Work with Kols to improve your online credibility as fashion brands


Increase your trust rank and visibility with Baidu SEO/SEM

Undercover SEO

Use third party websites to convey your brand image and values anonymously.


Test, Record, study and take crucial decisions with a monthly report.

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Online reputation Management in China

Just like in the west what is being said online about your brand has an enormous impact on brand sales. If bar reviews rank before anything else, it can jeopardize your business. It is even truer for China were researching information before purchasing something that has become part of the buying process. What are our solutions? We increase the visibility of positive mentions and remove as much as possible or outrank negative results.

Community Management

It is a big part of your online reputation, as your community manager will be in charge of preventing bad reviews from the sources by communicating with your customers and solving problems at the root. His/her other job will be to encourage happy customers, followers, etc to engage with your brands and mention you online. To guide the conversation on forums and Q&A etc


Partnering with the good Kol for your brand will undoubtedly give a boost to your online reputation. Kols are trusted and if they choose to sponsor your brands, your brand will be associated with them and there trust rank. You'll get more credit, more visibility, and more engagement.

Seo and undercover SEO

Ranking high on Baidu on every keyword that could be related to your industry and brands will definitely be a plus for your online reputation. The more a netizen see you online the more he/she will think of you as a legit brand. The use of PR is also beneficial. Being mentioned by fashion expert and media outlet, certainly help to portray as the reference of your field.

ORM - Frequently Asked Questions

What is ORM (oline reputation management) ?

ORM or reputation marketing is the process of managing one’s reputation online. From reviews and forums to Kols and press release, etc Managing marketing help a brand shape it’s an online image and how consumers perceive them. ORM takes IWOM (internet word of mouth) a step further by adding a control and fix dimension to it.

Why oline reputation management is important in the chinese fashion industry?

In the fashion industry, like in other industries in China, brand reputation is an important element to promote your products. However, a successful reputation isn’t about what the company says about itself, but what Chinese consumers say about the brand. The online community is a crucial factor for becoming viral and staying at the top. Viral marketing will increase your Internet word of mouth and thus boost your brand’s awareness.