Plus size fashion market is a good opportunity for your fashion brand in China

At begin, I would like to give some statistic to show how a huge

  • How many  plus size people in China ?

opportunity for a fashion brand and great chance to develop it’s marketing strategy and set their brand personality different  than others.  According to China Real Time, Recently China has become the second largest country of having overweight people.It has 300 million of peo6ple overweight and nearly 28% of Chinese adult are overweight. every one out of at least six is over weighting among 1.3 billion Chinese.

it is not fair to people who have large physical size having less fashion choices for them. They have been judged by group of people around and discriminated even humiliated by others.

  • Few  companies would like to invest business in Plus size fashion market

Some of the top brands have also refused to sell and design plus size garments to overweight people. For example Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jefferis refuses to sell product above size XL to women in 2013 who has been criticized by the public. However, A&F still insists the idea of preferring beautiful and thin people visiting their store.   Even the king of fashion Karl Lagerfeld  was also rejected many times to design clothes for overweight celebrities .

Most of fashion might say we want not just that group of people , and we want everyone likes it and want to be the most famous fashion brand of the country. However, have you ever thought that you actually have a competitive advantages of the brand ? Now most of brand they might have some extra large size of clothes for plug size men and women,but did you really gain the favor from your customer? Or did you gain the most of normal and slim physical size of your  customer in fashion market of the country ? I doubt that, Nowadays whole bunch of western fashion brands have entered to China and most of them are with the similar marketing strategies.  customer can easily switch to another brand if they saw a similar design of garments.

So really think about how can you make a difference of your brand and go with another marketing approach make a difference !  So I suggest the plugs size fashion market has a great opportunity for your fashion business.

However, nothing can stop overweight people to go with fashion. They know how to dress well and dress fashionable. And what  they need is having more options of fashion garments. We have benefit a lot from the social media and E-commerce over the few years. People discuss any fashion brands on the social media platform.However, we it comes to the plus size fashion market, we can barely see few of articles talking about plus size fashion market in China  and there is no any brands are focusing on this plus size fashion market segmentation.

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  • ELOQUII started it’s plus size fashion market strategies in social media platform and it’s marketing solutions  achieved  great success

Let’s take a look how American Plus size fashion brand ELOQUII made it’s success in American which has the most of overweight people in the world.

Firstly, listen to customer s to get know what they want instead of spreading out of tons of plus size garments to let them to choose what they can choose as other brands do.

Secondly, social media strategy which allow customers to discuss how one piece of garment can fit in different plus size physical bodies. This strategy allows company to design the best of plus size fashion clothes to suit in the plus size women.

Except social media, the campaign has also promote it’s garments on television show to win as much as  potential customer’s trust as they can!


In addition, The bloggers make influences on social media presence, such as Facebook and Instagram are the keys for an e-commerce business. There are many plus size bloggers that always showing their idea of plus size fashion garments and trend on  their blog sites


In China, there are few bloggers have been started writing fashion and trend for plus size men and women. However, the plus size fashion market hasn’t been dev5elopment with huge potential in the market.  I believe with great marketing plan and social media strategy, for any  fashion brands want to achieve their successful fashion business in China is possible.




written by Elliot Dao

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  • vivi shanghai

    I still cannot understand how fashion brands still hesitate to consider the plus-size market! There is more and more plus size people, even if this is not accepted in China. It’s still hard for “normal” morphology and plus size to find suitable clothing, even for very tall people or big feet people.

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