Preference of Gemstone in China: Color VS Clarity

Are you willing to sell your jewelry in China? Gemstones are one of the most important elements in jewelry. The quality of the gemstone used in jewelry has a strong influence on its value. When brands are all trying to use the finest stone in their jewelry, a question is usually ignored: Is the standard of gem quality the same for every country?

The Measure of the Value of a Gemstone

When we measure the value of a gemstone, there are many factors we need to think about—the cut, carat, clarity, color, origin, etc. While most factors have an independent influence on the final value of a stone, the color and clarity are more likely twins. The comprehensive performance of the color and the clarity of a stone decided its visual appearance of it. As a result, customers usually need to make their choice between a better color or a better clarity based on their budget.

China Jewelry Gemstone

Which One is More Important for Customers in China

In most countries, especially western countries, the color of a colored stone is the most important factor. When they are choosing a gemstone, they will put more budget on the color rather than the clarity.

However, it’s not the same case in China. Most Chinese customers are paying more attention to the clarity of a gemstone. When western brands are entering the Chinese market with the stone they selected, the clarity might decrease your stone value. Choosing gemstones with better clarity for your product in China can work better, and may leave you more margin.

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