How to Sell your Luxury Products in China? (2023)

Are you a luxury brand looking for ways to sell your products in China ?

If yes you are on the PERFECT page.

Selling in China luxury Products is not that simple. You have many directions but the key is BRANDING.

  • Distribution via MultiChannels Store : (Brands has to be famous)
  • E-Commerce like Tmall, JD… Chinese people will choose the Brands they know and they trust
  • Using Resellers, distributors. They want to collaborate with famous brands or brands with Potential.

e-Commerce has more potential in China in 2023

The Chinese e-commerce market offers vast opportunities for businesses looking to reach consumers online. In this blog post, we explore the best ways to sell your luxury products in China and how to overcome some of the challenges that come with doing business in this market. Stay tuned for more tips and advice on how to grow your business in China!

Chinese consumers, the biggest luxury spenders

Chinese are known to be big spenders and buyers of luxury products. Consumers of these luxury products come in all ages, all shapes, and sizes, all regions in China. Though, as one would expect, most consumers of those are either from wealthy families, white-collar workers, an increasing middle-class salary range, and Chinese tourists. (Chinese tourists are back in 2023)

e-luxury market transaction volume

With 1,110,000 millionaires and 115 billionaires (in USD) in China, a lot of them are really buying and looking into luxury brands and lifestyles.

Also, Chinese tourists buy lots of luxury products when travel abroad, as it is their way of saying that “I went there and bought this.”

Now, a lot of luxury brands are investing in China and places where Chinese tourists usually go.

Many Chinese luxury clients like to show off on social media their luxury purchase to expose their Weath.

Online luxury stores in the Chinese market

E-commerce is currently a boom in the Chinese market with more than half of the population into internet applications and online shopping. Shopping online is more convenient for the Chinese people, without having to go to the physical stores, having really good prices for products, and making sure that what you get is really authentic.

Online luxury stores are now in the Chinese market and growing, with an expected number of 45.3 billion transactions. It is now clearly noticeable for luxury brands to gain the most in the market, a huge and powerful online presence in China is a must.

Tmall Luxury Pavillon

Tmall Luxury Pavillon experienced a great boost of its activity in 2020-2022 with Lockdown. The luxury platform continued to growth of 159% in the first quarter of 2022 (according to Alibaba).

It is a growing platform because of the New Rich Chinese “Generation Z” that need Online Showroom.

Best digital tools to sell your luxury products online in China

Social media and community management : the Key for Engagement

Wechat has a QR code where you could send in news, invitations to events, and the like. It is also a tool for the users/consumers to follow the brand.

Social media is a way of Chinese living. Having a social presence in China could mean recognition and purchase of your products within the Chinese market. Crucial points for this are:

  • Having a Weibo account. Weibo is like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr alike in the Chinese market. Having a very active one with contacts posts/blogs, contact comments, re-tweets, and likes is like a guaranteed presence in the Chinese market.
  • Having all your accounts in Chinese. Your target is the Chinese people, and the way to let them know and understand you is by speaking or posting in their language. It gets them to be your “friend” and not just the brand they needed to buy.
  • Premium Community management. There are a lot of social networking sites (SNS) out there with lots of forums for user interaction. Having your brand be talked about, especially with positive comments would be beneficial to your business.

Little Red Book

The Chinese instagram is PERFECT for luxury brands in 2023. Using quality pictures, communicate around the lifestyle, the luxury univers, the brands core value.

  1. Open a Red Account is the first step.
  2. Communicate, post, engage is the second step
  3. Using Promotion is a good way to get more exposure among luxury consumers. (they have this option)
  4. Using Small Influencers, create lot of testimonials will help to give credibility to future clients

E-reputation is the key to the Chinese market

Proper reputation on the internet should be kept. Your brand should be talked about, but in a good and positive way to increase sales. You should keep in mind to watch all the information posted and said about your brand, and if there are negative or crises that arose with connection to your brand, there should be crisis management ready to clean up the mess.

E-public relations to control your luxury brand image in China

It is very important to be seen as a good brand on the internet. A good solution for a constant and good image is e-Public relation, getting in some articles and stories about your brand in the online media. A luxury brand must always be present in big stories, online newspapers, and online articles.

Pay attention to localization thanks to your Chinese website

A good website with very good design, interactive for users, and good information of the brand is obligatory for luxury brands. Also, a website in Chinese is a must.

Luxury and e-commerce can be friends for the Chinese market

Don’t hesitate to use e-commerce platforms in China

Online shopping is what the Chinese do best. The Chinese are very responsive to the online shopping craze. To be part of this big platform, one could join big e-commerce platforms in China or maybe you could create your own, given the right people to do so.

Luxury brand video, storytelling & short video marketing

There are a huge number of people watching/streaming videos online. Two giant video platforms Tudou and Youkou (Chinese version of Youtube) have merged, making them really visible to the Chinese market. Opening and putting up your brand video on these platforms make your brand really known, tell a story to Chinese consumers (the Chinese love stories), and design the proper image of the brand.

Cartier storytelling luxury

A good example of a very good luxury brand video would be the “L’Odyssée de Cartier”.

Product placement on e-commerce & KOLs marketing

Placing your brand in different TV movies, commercials, and the like could very much influence consumers in buying, knowing, seeing an application to your brand, and using it the same way. KOLs, or Key Opinion Leaders, will help you promote your brand and products in China. Chinese consumers trust their favorite celebrities’ advice; KOLs marketing can help you sell more, faster, and increase your visibility & e-reputation in China.

Read also: Working with Chinese Kols: What are the pros and cons?

Find a reliable agency in China

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If you want to know more about the actual fashion trends in China it’s here.


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