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How to do Baidu SEO in China?

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Our Baidu SEO Solutions

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Choose the right keywords to rank and get more visibility on Baidu.

Website Design

Website Design

Migrate an existing website, optimize your website and develop it for Baidu.


Baidu SEO

Backlinks, mandarin content, PR... Create a full SEO strategy to rank your website better in China.


Baidu SEM

Register to Baidu Ads manager to run and manage your own Baidu Pay Per Click campaign.

Undercover SEO

Use Baidu eco-system, forums, Q&A and 3rd party websites for organic brand awareness.


SEO Reporting

Keep track of what is going on and take the appropriate decisions for your Baidu SEO/SEM campaigns.

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More About Baidu SEO

Baidu SEO

Baidu SEO is necessary if you want to have a chance to succeed in China. Being visible on Baidu by appearing in your target audience research results will give you needed credibility. The reason is rather simple, just like you would google a brand or products, Chinese consumers will Baidu it. If the results are satisfactory enough, you'll get sales. Baidu SEO will not only increase your visibility and decrease your acquisition cost, but also help you improve your conversion rate. SEO, whether it is on Google or Baidu, is not an easy thing. Getting backlinks, having a good relationship with media outlets to get press or even publish relevant content can be a headache. These reasons explain why many companies hire experts to take care of their SEO. When it comes from a foreign country to China, you also need to think localisation and we can't recommend you enough to go trough a professional agency.

Chinese Website

Before getting into SEO, you need to have a clear base. Meaning a website optimized for Baidu and for China great firewall. Think about it, your website is most likely developed with Google tools... which are blocked in China. The consequences? Your website won't load properly in China, or won't load at all. Developing a website that is optimized for Baidu and mobile-friendly is necessary. In order to maximize your chances to rank, host your website in China, Singapore or Hongkong. Obviously, it needs to be in Chinese mandarin and though to appeal Chinese users.

Undercover SEO

Remember what we said about credibility? Well, being talked about all over the internet is probably the best way to build your reputation and credibility online. What does undercover marketing mean? It means that you create content about your brand all over the internet, but not as a brand. It can be as a media, as an internet user on forums or Q&A, as a KOL, as a reviewer on social media or apps... Answer questions that could be asked about your market field so that when a netizen looks for answers to these questions, you are mentioned in every answer.

Baidu SEM

Baidu SEM or Baidu Ads is the Baidu version of Google Ads. It is a little more complex to register an account for Baidu Ads but we can assist you with that. Baidu SEM comes as a good complement for your Baidu SEO effort. SEO takes time whereas SEM is immediate. It will bring needed traffic to your website and give it a boost to organic traffic.

Baidu SEO - Frequently Asked Questions

How to optimize a website for Baidu?

Baidu is fully run in Chinese mandarin; therefore, you need a website fully in mandarin. A website hosted in China or in a neighboring country will be preferred by Baidu. The oldest the website is, the higher the authority will be. Baidu will also boost your website better if you post original qualitative content regularly. An ICP license to open a “.cn” website is a plus as well.

Is Baidu SEO efficient to promote fashion goods?

Yes, it is. Chinese consumers use Baidu to look for information on brands, especially when it comes to luxury brands before any physical purchase. In addition, fashion is one of the most online-searched fields by Chinese consumers. Chose wisely your keywords to rank better on Baidu and increase your visibility and e-reputation online.

How to use undercover SEO?

Undercover SEO consists of ranking your targeted keywords through off-site marketing, which means you don’t use your own website to increase your ranking. You can use backlinks for example, through blog articles or external platforms in order to increase your online popularity and visibility as a guest (or consumer), not as a brand. This way, you will rank better, as you are not the only one to rank your brand keywords through SEO.