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Shanghai Fashion will shake the fashion world!

Last modified: April 16, 2015

With the Shanghai Fashion Week launched this week, Chinese fashion has been put under the spotlights, Chinese Fashion popularity is also quickly growing worldwide (Official website (here).

Gemma Williams, an English fashion specialist, chose this perfect timing to release her book entitled “Fashion China”. This UK native woman had the inspiration to treat his subject by observing Chinese students at the London College of Fashion. The book focus on the Chinese fashion industry, meeting its main actor and look at it in a comprehensive way, trying to understand these unique trends. The hottest Chinese talents are featured in this book, the ones who are redefining Fashion in China. Indeed, they are working hard to change the face of the Fashion “made in China” into a “Designed in China”.

Chinese Fashion designers are fighting for transforming China into a “Fashion country”

According to Hong and James Chang, founders of La Chambre Miniature in Shanghai, changing the face of Chinese fashion and establish should be “somewhere in between” a “style representing the wealth” and representing “traditional Chinese culture and its philosophy”. This trend is noticeable in the work of these Chinese rising fashion stars, where Western and Chinese codes are heavenly mixed creating a whole unique style.


Who are these brilliant chinese talents?

Guo Pei


This Haute Couture designer is used to impressive red carpet looks and has already worked for many A-List celebrities. She is a great example of the will to mix western and Chinese culture in creations. She doesn’t only create clothes, she doesn’t even follow traditional seasons, because only one collection can take 3 years! The work she produces is truly a piece of art, with a unique vision.



Uma Wang


Uma Wang’s work is all about modernity and minimalism, simple pieces with huge impact. This China Textile University student’s vision has been acclaimed all around the most prestigious catwalks worldwide, Shanghai, London, Paris and Milan. Fashion is marrying functionality with Uma Wang!



Qiu Hao


This new face of the Chinese Fashion landscape already won prestigious distinctions for his amazing work like being one of the Top 25 most influential individuals in the Chinese Fashion Industry established by Forbes. Even the famous Fashion Forecast Company, WGSN nominated him to the ‘Breakthrough Designer Award’. Back in 2008 he also received the Woolmark Prize, a prestigious award.


Huishan Zhang


This former Dior intern founded his own label which concept is based on an East meets West aesthetic by giving it a whole new dimension. He stated

I find a lot of Chinese elements very beautiful and I believe they can be reinvented and become relevant to our modern living.”

By giving a new sense of Chinese fashion, Zhang to completely renew it, by settling luxury and high end manufacturers in China, this initiative meets the fact that the growing number of educated people in China.

No more cheap production for China! China has proven to be the centre of a new fashion world where Young Chinese designer are stepping up hard on the International Fashion  Scene


What’s next for the Chinese Fashion Industry ?

The challenge that is waiting from the Chinese Fashion Industry is to make the whole world realize (and Chinese people included, too attracted to foreign brands) that China is no more a place where we only make clothes, it is also a place where trends are launched.

These growing top designers showcased in this articles and that had the occasion to share their vision in Gemma William’s book, ‘Fashion China’ are the new face of this sector.

They only need one thing :

Not forget to promote their creation on their own local market. Indeed, changing the mind of their peers is a key steps for succeeding on the Fashion scene.

To know how to promote your Fashion brand in China, go here

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