What you shouldn’t think about Wechat

5 typical mistakes on Wechat

Wechat is one of the most used mobile applications in China.  Here are some figures of Wechat

  • More than 650 million of Wechat active users!
  • Wechat app installed on over 90% of smartphones

Many brands think that they can be successful on Wechat just by being present on it. But they are obviously wrong, Wechat system is really different from other Social media.

Wechat will bring you customer’s traffic.

Customers traffic

Don’t think by creating your account and posting some content will make followers find you. Wechat system is a little bit tricky because it is not so easy for people to find you. There are different ways to get followers: scanning QR codes, posting on moments in the friend circle, let someone share your posts or official account page to one friend.

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I have a unique brand on Wechat

My brand

The common error is to think that you are the one holding this brand name or logo.  A lot of companies can just snap your brand and logo idea and once the account is created, it’s really hard to get rid of it.

You can actually file a complaint directly to Tencent but it requires time and a lot of procedures because you have to prove the ownership of your brand and trademark in China.

Rely all my strategy on in-app mobile advertising

You have probably seen more and more advertisings appearing on your moments, but they are actually not really efficient because not relevant for the user. Wechat is mainly staying as one to one based relationship with the user, too commercials advertising will surely be quickly switched by the user.

Post the same content on Wechat than on other Social Medias

Of course, you can actually use the same idea content that you have used on other Social Medias but the approach has to be sensitively different on Wechat.

Your content has to be short, targeted, and captivating. Remember, it’s an application on your mobile phone, so it has to be relevant and effective. Be outstanding!

Targeting your audience with Wechat

It is actually pretty hard to segment your customers through WeChat tools: location, gender, age, professional social category…etc.

You can actually play with the community idea that will share your content with the same people belonging to this community. This is the only way to try to target a specific audience.


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