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China Digital Marketing Strategy

Create an efficient and tailor-made digital marketing strategy that suits your brand profile.


Chinese Social Media Accounts

From account registration, to design and management, we take care of it all!

Social media

Content Marketing

We help you grow your social media presence in China with high-quality, trending content.


KOL Marketing

Find reliable KOLs for cost-effective campaigns to increase your ROI and brand visibility.

Brand awareness

Brand Awareness

Manage your brand awareness and strengthen your e-reputation in China through social media.


Community Management

Make your reputation grow on the Chinese social media platforms thanks to good CRM strategy.

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More About Our Social Media Services in China

Social Media Strategy & Promotion

Every brands' needs, goals and budget are different. There is no secret recipe for success, therefore being able to design a relevant social media strategy for each of our clients is our priority. The Chinese social media landscape is diverse; getting to know all of the relevant platforms and choosing which one(s) you should be marketing on is very important to build an efficient marketing strategy on the Chinese market.

Social Media Marketing

Opening an official account on each platform is just the beginning. You'll have to drive traffic and create engagement on your brand page. Catchy, useful and shareable content is the first step. It can be blog posts, pictures, videos... Interactions with your followers associated with community management is the starting point. Social media should be fun and interactive, but it is also the official public voice of your company. Your communication should be well thought and engaging. Contests and discounts are a great way to achieve this, as well as sharing useful tips and information. Paid advertising is another option to promote your brand on social media and we totally recommend you to do it on apps such as Douyin and Weibo, where you can reach out to a huge audience.

Influencer Marketing

Being careful when purchasing is part of the Chinese culture. Buying impulsively is not very common. KOLs are a reliable source of information for Chinese consumers when investigating a brand or products. KOLs (Key Opinion Leader) are seen as pairs by Chinese buyers and are trusted a lot more easily than official sources of information such as your website. Since there is a sea of Chinese kOLs, so working with a specialised agency will save you a lot of effort and trouble with choosing the right influencers for your brand, especially if you do not speak Chinese.

Social Media in China - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular social media platform in China?

Without a doubt, the most popular social media platform in China is WeChat with more than 1.2 billion users. WeChat is the Chinese equivalent of WhatsApp regarding conversations, WeChat Pay provides mobile payment solutions, and WeChat Moments can be apparent to Instagram or Facebook feed… The most interesting part of WeChat is the mini-programs that each brand can create to get closer to their customers. With a WeChat account, you are sure to build a real community and keep your target audience updated immediately thanks to push-up notifications and conversations. The possibilities are numerous on WeChat in terms of creativity; use it to build your e-reputation and strengthen your brand awareness in China.

Is Weibo still popular?

In terms of popularity compare Weibo to Facebook. It is one of the oldest Chinese social media apps, and everyone is still using it every day. It is a great platform for brands to be commercial and communicate with their followers. A post can easily become viral the same way it does on Twitter. The best way to be present in the Chinese market would be to create both a WeChat and a Weibo account and then look for the appropriate existing Chinese platforms that can fit your needs.

What are the other Chinese social media platforms that I can use in China?

The Chinese social media ecosystem is complex and contains way more apps than in the Western world. Regarding the equivalent, WeChat can do quite everything and is considered indispensable, such as Weibo which is Chinese Facebook. If you want to do video marketing, Douyin, Chinese TikTok, is the best and most popular platform in China. Regarding e-commerce, Amazon can be compared to Taobao, TMall, or Taobao Live allows live streaming as if you were on Instagram IGTV; there is always a platform that will fit your need as a brand. Use PinDuoDuo as Groupon, XiaoHongShu (Little Red Book) as Pinterest, or Bilibili depending on your sector, without forgetting Kuaishou and Youku (Chinese Youtube) for broadcasting. possibilities are almost unlimited.