The Future of Hotel is Born in China

Last modified: March 11, 2019

Alibaba is reshaping the future of Hotel Industry in China with THAT 


In a world permeated by technology, even the hotel sector had to adapt. For this reason, robots have been hired in a new tech-hotel.

The idea, the project, and the investment come from the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba who wanted to build its hotel of the future, called Flyzoo Hotel in the city of Hangzhou, in the province of Zhejiang.

Being a futuristic hotel, technology is the absolute master and manifests itself in various sizes and shapes such as the AI management system Tmall Genie that is able to take any order from guests. The CEO of Flyzoo Hotel, Wang Qun, believes this system is a formidable innovation

AI System in China

“The new AI system will help to improve the management efficiency of the hotel, by reducing more than half of the labour forces.”

A space where the visitors do not need any receptionists or porters as robots will be able to deal with the clients and their needs through a registered voice. There is also the possibility of being totally alone because, through the scanning of their face, guests can check in and access into the room, while with their own voice they can adjust the room temperature or the intensity of the light.



In the event that the hotel’s guests are interested in buying a few items or furniture in the room, they will simply have to take a picture of the desired object with a special app. This could happen because, in this new hotel, technology is combined with design, so according to your tastes you can choose your room among the 7 themes proposed, hence you can live a 360 degrees unique experience.

Digital Technology in China 

The success of this new hotel goes beyond technology, in fact, Alibaba knows the reality behind the world of hotels and their marketing in China.

Adopting a good digital marketing strategy is the key to success in the world of hospitality services

This is what you need to Market your Hotel in China, and how our agency can help you


Having a website translated in Mandarin Chinese is the first step to follow because the percentage of Chinese who speak English isn’t very high. Having a site in Chinese will bring a lot more traffic and will have more references on Baidu if you adopt an infallible SEO.

We can help you do SEO on Baidu with our expertise and experience.


If you want to attire more Chinese in your hotel, You need it to be visible in the Chinese booking platforms like CTRIP, QUNAR and ELONG. In fact most Chinese tourists prefer to book their hotel room on a booking platform rather than booking directly on the website of the hotel.

Our agency can help you to create and manage your hotel online booking platforms.


Press releases are very important to attract tourists to your hotel. They help to gain visibility and build trust among Chinese Internet users. To do this, your hotel must appear or be mentioned on different sites and blogs.

We have more than 2000 journalists online on our address book.


it is becoming vital for hoteliers to build an honest and professional online reputation. Since your online reputation is so readily visible to potential guests at all times, from reviews to posts, hoteliers need to monitor these channels as often as possible.

Our agency can help you manage your online reputation on tourism sites and forums


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