The Huge Potential of Smartwatch Market in China

The smartwatch market is growing, wearable devices like the Apple Watch. According to Gartner analysts, world consumers in 2019 will spend $ 16.2 billion to buy this type of devices, which will grow 40% year-on-year to 74.1 million units compared to 53 million in 2018. the Gartner research is shows that 15% of the consumers comes from China,because even tho the trend has already boomed,it keeps to stay in the mind of chinese consumers.

Lower prices attract Chinese consumers

Figures also driven by the digital saturation of the smartphone sector and lower prices, which should fall further within a few years. «The average total sales price of smartwatches is expected to slowly decrease from $ 221.99 in 2018 to 210 in 2022, due to competitors offering lower prices and higher volumes leading to lower production costs and components, while Strong brands such as Apple and traditional watch brands try to keep prices stable.

Smarwatches still remain in the lead

Among the wearables, the smartwatchs will be the most popular category. So much so that now the challenge comes not only from technology companies but also from classic watchmaking brands such as Tag Heuer, Swatch and Fossil, as the Wall Street Journal noted a few weeks ago. These historic brands are working with Apple’s competitors, including Hawuei, Google and Intel, to develop their own devices or hybrid versions of watches with more modern features.In the review of Gartner, after the smartwatches follow the hi-tech for the ears – like the Apple AirPods and Samsung’s IconX earphones – with 46.1 million units sold in 2019, the smart bracelets (41.9 million) and viewers for augmented reality or virtual reality (34.8 million). source

The new target is children

Xiaomi has launched a new smartwatch created specifically for children called Xiaomi Mi Bunny Kids 3 in China for an initial price of 599 Yuan, about 75 euros. At least for the moment, the watch will only be available in China in the colors suitable for children. The Smart Xiaomi Mi Bunny watch is made of food-grade silico, so that if swallowed it will not cause serious harm to the health of children. The watch has a very familiar appearance, in fact it is very similar Apple Watch with some changes. Children can use the dedicated SOS button to send an audio clip and exact location to the parents (SOS contact). IPX7 certification guarantees resistance to water and dust. The watch offers support for fast charging, in which the watch can last up to 11 hours with just 10 minutes of charging.In addition to the safety factor, according to many parents Chinese consumers, it is a useful tool to bring the little ones closer to technology without having to resort to a smartphone, more expensive and less suitable for the age. source

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Heated jackets and LED sweaters are increasingly present in China

Being the technological country par excellence, even the hi-tech clothing market continues to be glorious in China. More and more consumers are attracted by this mix between fashion and technology, this is also demonstrated by the data developed by Emerging consumer Survey, the hi-tech clothing market grew by 5.8%.
The use of technology applied to clothing makes it possible to develop objects such as aprons that protect health personnel from X-rays, shoes that change color depending on the light, heating jackets adjustable directly from your smartphone and much more. Chinese consumers say they are enthusiastic about technology becoming an integral part of their way of dressing.

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Your business and GMA

USA CORPORATE — “USA Network Upfront 2013 Talent Portraits” — Pictured: Patrick J. Adams from Suits — (Photo by: Jill Greenberg/USA Network)

With the increase in demand in the smarwatches sector and wearable technology, it is appropriate to know the market in China that differs from that of the west.Above all in terms of marketing, China has its own rules and strategies. This is why with our solutions it will be much easier to enter this world. Here are some of the solutions we can offer to start selling your brand or service.

Optimization on Baidu 

Our way of operating is strongly oriented towards achieving your goals. Increasing your visibility and your traffic is our priority. And that’s why we offer you different SEO and SEA solutions:

  • Reviewing your site. We will conduct an in-depth analysis of your website in order to optimize it for the global market and to have a good ranking on Baid. This in turn also leads to an improvement in navigation from mobile devices.
  • Optimization of your articles. Several SEO techniques will be used to improve and review the content of your site in order to improve your Baidu positioning.
  • Online reputation management. Word of mouth and spontaneous visits are key aspects that have a strong effect on the online reputation of your brand. Our agency can help you generate online word of mouth and discussions in forums that aim to improve your online reputation, regardless of the industry in which you operate.

Manage of Social neworks in China

The construction of the image of your online brand passes first of all from the creation and interaction of a community of followers. So it passes through it not through WeChat, but also through other social networks such as Weibo as well as through blogs and forums. So our services allow you to meet these your needs through these steps:

  • Definition of a strategy. this preliminary step allows you to identify the objectives and ideas of your communication campaign.
  • Creation and use of your accounts. This step allows you to launch your community, and if followed by a regular and targeted use of your accounts, allows you to interact constantly with your customers and then retain them to your brand.
  • Online Events. WeChat users really like brands that can be interactive, which is why creating online events allows you to significantly increase your number of fans, and at the same time to retain the fans you already have. These online events can be created in forms of webinaries or games, just to give some examples.

E-Commerce strategy in China

China is the world’s first market in terms of e-commerce. Our agency is specialized in the creation and promotion of digital stores on e-commerce platforms such as Tmall. We can accompany you with our services through the whole process of opening your boutique.

  • We help you open your business in China from all points of view, from administrative procedures, to the installation of Tmall to payments via Alipay. We help you to analyze the market, competitors and trends in the market.
  • Creation. We adapt the design of your boutique on TMall and your product pages to the tastes, expectations and specific needs of Chinese customers.
  • Customer care. Our agency can help you carry out the administrative procedures requested by Tmall. Online customers in China are extremely demanding on customer service. They expect you to be ready to answer their questions at any time. Our Chinese team can take care of pre and post sales communication on your behalf.

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  • Cygnella

    Smartwatches can be used for multi-purpose: work, personal life, sport, … And Chinese people love it indeed!
    They like quality products, but they also like it when it is affordable.
    The traditional watch market is doing really well in China, but the smartwatch market is also growing. Its potential is huge and many consumer segments are still unexplored by big brands such as apple.

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